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5 customer service videos you should be creating

Offer personalized support and communicate more effectively with videos that increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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Delight customers with a video message

Record and send personalized videos that alleviate confusion, improve customer satisfaction, and transform training.

What is Covideo?

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Customer Service

Delight customers with personalized experiences that keep them coming back and telling others. Reduce the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding by providing a visual demonstration with a detailed explanation in video format.

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Breakthrough the noise of a busy inbox by delivering eye-catching video email campaigns that engage your audience and drive action. Promote your next event, showcase your newest product, or share the people and stories behind your brand.


People want to do business with people, not technology. Skip impersonal interactions by incorporating personalized video emails into your outreach for prospecting, follow-ups, referrals and more.

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Customer Service Videos

Customer service – a core department for any company in any industry. It makes or breaks your company. Bad customer service or experience is the number one reason why people step away from brands. To avoid that happening to you, we are going to share with you the best customer service tips like, the value of providing top notch service, tips to improve, and some examples of customer service videos to make. We will cover these topics to up your customer support game:

  • The importance of high quality customer service
  • How to improve customer service
  • 5 customer service videos you should be making
  • Best customer service training videos


Importance of customer service

Every company knows that good customer service is critical for customer retention and keeping customers around long term. It builds a loyal customer base, can drive referrals which are one of the most powerful sales avenues, it can also lead to expansions on current accounts, and is the ultimate way to gather strong testimonials. It is a reflection of your brand image. Marketing allows you to represent your company but with no direct communication with your customers; However, this is where customer service comes into play and where you do get direct communication with your customers. Bad customer service can tank your business. It’s actually really tough to make up for providing subpar customer support, so it’s in your best interest to give it your all. Just one mistake can send your customers running to a competitor, and cost your company a lot. Make sure you have appreciated, happy employees that are ready to take care of the customer`s needs. One of your main objectives should be to provide good customer service to all your customers which majority now expect. Want to stand out from your competitors though? Then you need to go from providing good customer service to excellent, which is why we will offer some insight into how to provide excellent support with customer service videos next.


How to improve customer service with video

Video is the new tool for improving the customer service experience. There is no better way to explain more information in a shorter amount of time, and people would rather watch videos to solve problems than read text. Not to mention, videos are one of the most searched topics on the internet. Things are easier to comprehend with video, it saves time for both your team and the customer, and it turns the process into an experience. Good customer service videos build knowledge while also developing personal connections between the customer and the brand because of the personalized support. In the next few sessions, we will be sharing 5 examples of good customer service videos you should be making


1. Answer frequently asked questions about customer service videos (FAQs)

Most customer support reps typically have a few questions that they get time and time again. Of course, these will vary depending on your business, but if possible, create a few video templates that briefly answer these questions. For example, these customer service video clips could be on how to reset passwords, lead responses, an overview of your product/service, etc. Make these valuable videos available in an easy-to-find place on your website so they won’t even need to reach out to support and can easily solve the issue themself. With the help of Covideo and our video and screen recorder, you can make and send personalized customer service videos quickly and easily. Remove the guesswork.


2. Customer service training videos

Part of delivering amazing customer support with video is to be focused on more than just putting out fires. There are other needs for video like training. Customer service training videos are often a series of videos that help onboard customers and share any relevant information they may need. While these are most common amongst software companies, any company can use good customer service videos for training on how to use their product / service / get familiar with features / etc. Your goal should be to help every customer grow into an expert and they should be readily available for the customer to access online at any given time. Implementing a quality onboarding process is the key to retaining satisfied, long-term customers. Remember, to create the best customer service videos, they should be short, simple and to the point. The information should be easily digestible, because many first-time users are eager to get started and want to dive into the product ASAP.


3. Host webinars

Great customer experience videos only get you so far – host a live webinar to go that extra step! This gives you the opportunity to provide important and useful information to a number of customers simultaneously. Instead of providing access to a generic video online, webinars allow you to get a little more personal with each of the participants. They allow the customer to see the process done live and ask specific questions. You can even split the webinar up into basics and advanced sessions to really cater to your customers. The info session should be less than 20 minutes to avoid overwhelming the attendees. Always direct them to your help desk for frequently asked questions and pre-recorded videos that could be helpful.


4. Offer personalized support

How do you provide exceptional customer service? Video and adding a personalized touch. The beauty of video is you are able to offer personalized support to your customers. We have found that customer support videos work best when the sender (you) takes an extra minute to personalize them. The idea behind this is to connect to your customer and make a memorable customer experience. Videos are a great way to express that you care about your customers and that you are there to help them in a timely manner.

Send excellent customer service video clips by using a screen recorder. Help fix the problem immediately by recording your screen. Provide the support they need by recording your computer screen and walking them through the exact steps they need to take in order to resolve an issue. Something like Covideo’s Screen Recorder would be a great fit. It allows you to record your computer screen with or without your voice and with or without a video of yourself. This straightforward and powerful tool is perfect for fostering collaboration and communication. If a client is having difficulty using specific product features, screen sharing works to remove the guesswork. When you are working 1:1 with a customer, video is the best way to enhance the relationship, the experience, and share knowledge in a digestible format.

5. Customer service videos for employees

Video is not only great for training customers but also for internal customer service training videos. Typically the customer service team knows the product best, so they are usually the ones responsible for helping onboard new employees and share product updates and releases. To be effective and save time, you should record videos that can be used to onboard new employees, or for sharing updates as new features, services, etc. that will come along. Like we mentioned, video is a great training tool to use as you can reference it at any point, follow along visually, pause, rewind, and replay as many times as needed!


Start recording excellent customer service videos today!

Using video in customer service can help diffuse support calls, build relationships, educate your customers, and most importantly, earn their trust. Anyone can use customer service videos including:

  • Customer service videos for healthcare
  • Customer service training videos hospitality
  • Car dealerships service video
  • Retail customer service training videos
  • Customer service videos for software companies

Technology should not stop you from putting a smile on your customers face. Deliver the information in an easily digestible format, go the extra mile, and something they can refer to whenever they need it. One thing we can all agree on is that video is versatile – use it to answer frequently asked questions, for training customers and employees, for webinars, and just to better the experience with personalization. They are extremely effective in saving you and the customer time. You no longer have to send clients lengthy emails with written instructions, just record it instead. Request a demo to see how to use Covideo not just for customer service but throughout your sales and marketing teams, or start a free trial to get a jump on creating the best customer service videos.


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