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4 Video Marketing Trends That Will Go Big In 2019

By: Lucija Vita Hanzic | January 4th, 2019

The new year bring us new possibilities to additionally explore the use of video marketing and the integration of it into our daily modus operandi.
Your customers and clients probably have a smartphone stuck to their hand, absorbing an extensive range of various types of content every day.

Video content is now slowly but surely taking over the image because it has become more entertaining and user-friendly; consequently, it produces more customers feedback.

How to extract a piece of that massive attention and point it directly toward your brand?

Prepare for developing a video marketing strategy, because we are bringing you 4 sizzling video marketing trends in 2019 you’ll want to keep an eye on.

1. Don’t just tell it, SHOW it

If you’re going to introduce yourself, your brand, or your product, add more character and humanity into whatever you’re trying to display.

To properly do that, consider switching from a simple text bio to a video bio.
According to Wordstream, there were more than 87% of online marketers using video content in 2018, and one-third of online activity was spent watching video content.

So, why wouldn’t you want to implement it into your marketing strategy?

Explain to your users or clients not only what you offer, but how to use it, why to use it and finally – who you are.

As you already know, we are enormous evangelists of using video in email, so give it a try and watch your recipients begin hitting that “reply” button.

Creating rich stories will entice more engagement from your audience and establish a connection built on trust.
It’s also a great idea to include testimonials from your current users in those sorts of videos, to bolster up the loyalty of future ones.

You can represent your team and give more life to your company.
Showcase your products in a more detailed manner to introduce it as something that is here, alive and kicking.

Finally, you can also use video to give out some additional business advice.

The outcome?
You’ll get a satisfied customer who feels more connected and familiar with you as a brand, and more importantly – as a person.

If you manage to achieve people falling in love with your video, they will eventually feel the same with your business, products, and endeavors.

The year is over, so you might have some nice numbers and impressive growth statistics with which you can boast.

But, you can trust us on this one – not everybody wants to read your statistical reports, especially not in a long, boring email.

However, you want to share it because you feel people should know how much your business has improved and these results should not be staying hidden somewhere in your computer (or even worse, the drawer).

Compile these stats in a short brief – and share it yourself!
Include a short “thank you” note at the end, for all of the people who are there every day, using your products or simply supporting you.

Recognizing them as a catalyst to your success will be like a late Christmas gift they weren’t even expecting.

2. LIVE is the new renaissance

Almost every social media platform nowadays promotes using live video, and it’s safe to say that this trend will become even more prominent in 2019.
But, why should I use a live video as a part of my video marketing strategy, you wonder?
Your viewers (who are your current and potential users and customers) will feel as if you’re talking to them directly.

The possibility of joining the conversation if they wish, by merely asking a question or commenting in real-time, offers the notion of additional customer care.
Also, with you giving details to your answer, you will most likely keep them interested and encourage them to stick around a bit longer.

You can always prepare your audience for a Live Q&A video a few days before!
Let them know you will be there, answering their questions and resolving any potential doubts.

Include your sales team in the process, or just let them take the wheel!
They are the ones who know the most about your product, the bright sides, and the challenges, so they will know how to address a particular topic or hand out the perfect answer.

Live video naturally gives you a dash of spontaneity and laid back vibes.
Under that impression, your viewers will be able to more easily digest a subtle hint or promotion of a product, which will highly boost your brand awareness.

One of the hottest dilemmas in 2018 was whether to use a vertical or horizontal format of video, and it will probably stay that way in 2019, so make sure to read all the how-tos, tips, pros and cons in our horizontal vs. vertical video article.

3. #vloggerlife

One of the next video marketing trends in 2019 will definitely be – vlogging.

If you are working in the automotive industry, including vlogging in your video marketing strategy will make you eventually pat yourself on the back.

In 2019, the automotive industry will rely far more on digital technologies; thus it’s highly likely you’ll need to change your approach and create a marketing strategy that will follow all automotive video marketing trends.

Vlogging, for example, gives you the most excellent possibility to grow your audience because you are letting them enter your life.

With a bit of behind-the-scenes moments, you’ll give your audience an insider peek into the industry.

That way, you’ll keep their interest burning.

Vlogging might feel hard in the beginning, but in the long run, it will resonate well at changing customer behavior.
Also, it’s cheap, and it’s simple to create.
What more could you ask for?

Discover four additional steps to increase your sales.

4. Podcasts are cool and all, but…

… have you ever tried taping one?

Come on, you know it.

People LOVE to see and analyze facial expressions when someone is discussing an interesting topic.
People who listen to podcasts love hearing all the discussions and debates, but they also often want to “meet” the podcast host and the person they are interviewing.

Podcasts were an absolute hit in 2018, but in 2019, we expect the rise of its popularity even more.
That’s why it’s not the worst idea to consider recording your podcasts with a camera where you can portray various guests, in a neutral surrounding, where the only emphasis is on the host and the guest, their topic, and their conversation.

You can also combine it with our second trend on this list and make it in the form of a live stream.
Groundbreaking, isn’t it?

We had Victor Blasco from Yum Yum Videos as a guest author in our October’s article, who also explained all the other upcoming video marketing trends in 2019.



Wherever the wild streams of 2019 might take us, we are sure about the additional rise of the (already strong) video impact.

That’s why we hope you’ll soon get to start your first recording, or even better – remove the dust off some old ones you might have sealed away.

Once again, we wish you all a happy new year, and of course – happy recording!