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A little about us:

We’re into high fives and hell yeah’s.

We call each other fam.

We don’t always agree on music, but we always agree on Happy Hour.

We’re a motley crew of extreme introverts and extroverts.

We believe in balance.

We love our work and our clients.

We believe in the things we can control - like our attitudes, our efforts and our energies.

We have a lot of personalities dedicated to helping you express yours.

Inside jokes run rampant and we beat them into the ground.

We believe in individuality and that our differences make us better.

We love dogs (a lot).

“That’s not my job” isn’t in our vocab.

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Think we sound like fun?
You’re in luck; we’re hiring.

Meet the team

CEO / Co-Founder

Jason Price


Mo Lam

Co-Founder/VP of Technology

Jason Cooper

VP of Dealer Services

Mike DeLong

Senior Account Executive

Dustin Baumis


McKenzie Boyle

Account Manager

Brittany Connolly


Katherine Deighan

Customer Success Specialist

Emily Graham

Senior Software Developer

John Graves

Video Producer

Nicholas Heighway

Account Executive

Jeff Huffman

Account Executive

Ben Holliday

Email Marketing Manager

Amanda Jednachowski

General Manager / Marketing and Product

Marinko Josipovic

Sales Development Representative

Chris Kramer

Director of Account Management

Caitlin Marra

Graphic Designer

Zagorka Martinovic

Customer Success Specialist

Keirstin Devore


Kendall Povilaitis

Marketing Assistant

Ana Sesar

Director of Business Development

John Simpson

Sales Development Representative

Malorie McDole

Account Executive

Stephanie Singletary

Account Manager

Emily Smithson

Account Executive

Ross Stauffer

Account Manager

Skylar Stigall

Account Manager

Andrew Trepes

Chief Happiness Officer


VP of Sales and Marketing

Elizabeth Abram

Director of Marketing

Margaret Henney

Account Executive

Kristine Iozzo

Sales Development Representative

Alli King