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Automotive: 4 steps to increase your sales

By: Marinko Josipovic | March 1st, 2018

Who are the people that call you by your first name? For most people, it is family and friends. Those are the ones who know us best and who we feel attached to because we are sharing our most important moments with them. So when somebody who doesn’t know you as good as your family and friends calls you by your name, you will probably feel appreciated and respected. This is why a good salesperson will try his best to make his customers feel like they are close friends. Do you know how to increase your dealership sales?

A good friend will help you choose the best on the market and you will have fun with them just by sharing that particular experience.  As a company that has more than hundreds of clients in the automotive industry, we propose 4 types of videos you should be using at the minimum to increase your sales and tips how to make them awesome.

1. Introduce yourself to your customers

Imagine you have 15 seconds to record a video explaining to your customers who you are and what do you do. It seems like a big challenge to raise someone’s interest within these 15 seconds but if you are recording it for a specific customer and you say their name, in the beginning, they will react positively to that. When recording an introduction video, we recommend staying under 45 seconds because your customers will lose interest if they find the video too long.

Here you just want that your potential buyer puts a face to your name and starts to feel like he knows you. Also, don’t forget to compliment the customer’s choice in the dealership, vehicle selection or even the timing of their contact. Remember to invite them to come over and see the vehicles for themselves and let them know you are here if they have any questions or need any assistance. Introduction videos are your first step to increase your dealership sales. 


2. Don’t talk that walk, show that walk

When selling cars, the crucial thing is a good presentation of the vehicle, especially if that car is not new. Your customers want to know every single detail about the car they are interested in and what is a better way of showing them than recording a vehicle walk around. This is how your customers get a better insight even before seeing the vehicle in person. You want to save their time by sending a video instead of them showing up and spending hours walking around and finding the perfect fit for them.

If you already personalized your first video, make sure this one is all about the vehicle. So, hold your phone on its side from the start (horizontal view), giving a wide angle shot. If you already set up the appointment with your customer in a previous video, this one should be 30 – 60 seconds long. When a customer is interested in buying his car online, the video should be a little longer (1 – 3 minutes) and contain a lot of condition details to help the customer.


3. Let them know you are waiting for them

When setting up an appointment with the potential buyer, remember the simple rule: Less is more. By less we mean your video needs to be shorter than previous ones. Why? Because now things are getting pretty serious and your buyer needs only specific information from you. Greet them with their name and mention their vehicle to make them feel as they are your VIP clients. Hold up the keys next to the vehicle and tell them it is all ready for them. You can even emphasis you are standing next to THEIR vehicle and mention the brand. Remind them of the appointment time and assume in your video they are going to show up. Let them know you are looking forward to meeting them and that if they still have some questions, you are here to help.


4. Be the person they can rely on

Good manners never get old! A thank you video can have a huge impact on how others see you. Think of a bigger picture, create partnership and bonds that will lead you to that. How? All you need is less than 30 seconds of your time to record a short personalized thank you video. Let them know you are always here if they need anything with their vehicle. Also, ask them who in their circle of family and friends might be looking next and create a network. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool that can lead you to profit increase but don’t forget that it is followed by word-of-mouse, so don’t forget to ask them to review you online. Always keep in mind that people buy from people they like and can relate to. 


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