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WANTED: Personalized emails in insurance

By: Marinko Josipovic | April 16th, 2018

In today’s digitalized world your clients want to feel special. They are receiving personalized emails from everyone. Why should the insurance industry be any different? According to Accenture, 88% of insurance clients demand more personalization from providers. These clients are looking for personalized offers, messages, pricing, and recommendations from their auto, home or life insurance providers. Therefore, insurance providers must adapt their strategies to satisfy their clients and offer high-quality service as other industries do.

Why personalized emails?

Insurance clients are seeking more innovative packages and policies to meet their unique needs and circumstances. Mintel’s research has shown that 42% of consumers say they would buy a financial package or bundle that was customized for a specific time in life. Moreover, it suggests that the concept of cross-category is appealing to many consumers, such as health companies offering ID protection or life companies offering a wellness product. In reality, to deliver this level of personalization, companies must have good data insight. Above all, do you know your customers on a personal level?



Personalized emails with video

Many customers are willing to provide usage and behavior data in exchange for lower premiums, quicker claims settlement or insurance coverage recommendations. So how often do you ask your clients to provide you with such information? Creating more personalized emails with clients in the insurance industry can be very effective if you utilize it via video. In order to have the best results, start sending your personalized emails with video. Let your clients get the best out of their communication with insurance agents. After all, with the right amount of personalization, insurance companies can enjoy customer trust in the same way other companies are already enjoying it. Don’t wait any longer, show your customers you are here to listen to them and give them what they need!



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