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Show, don't just tell.
Remove plain-text email barriers using our
straightforward, user-friendly solution.
Solution planning
Solution video show
This is where we tell you
exactly how it works.
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Create personal, engaging, high-impact videos.
Your device, your way. Ready, set, create:

  • Record multiple ways - mobile app,
    on the web, screen capture, Outlook integration, and Chrome extension
  • Upload existing content
  • Add text for context and emphasis
  • Sit back and relax while we encode
    and process
  • 90%

    of users say that product videos are helpful
    in the decision-making process.

    Share via branded experiences
    and on multiple channels.
    Your message; heard. Your brand; seen.

  • Share multiple ways: send using email or SMS, push to social media, embed on your site, integrate into your existing platform
  • Enhance your video with GIF previews, website overlays, and branded landing page templates
  • Follow up with timely sequencing and video
  • 1200%

    more shares generated by social video than image and text combined

    Track results and improve
    with real-time notifications
    and detailed reporting.
    Applaud your greatest hits. Fix what fell flat.

  • Video reports track views, video engagement, and clicks
  • Admin reports reveal how video is working for your teams
  • “Covideo definitely saves me a lot of time! I can do in 6-7 minutes what might take me 30 minutes on the phone or 40 minutes in person.”

    -Scott Hill, American Pacific Mortgage

    Manage your videos, people,
    and permissions in one place.
    One place to get the job done:

  • Organize, download, and manage video content
  • Upload contacts and organize by groups
  • Manage users and permissions with account management
  • “Covideo is the secret weapon in my sales toolbox.”

    -Ashley Nardini, Thomson Reuters

    How is Covideo different?
    We’re happy you asked.
    Simple and straightforward
    because no one has time for hours of training.
    Unmatched video quality
    because no one likes to look grainy.
    Brand experiences
    because you and your brand create a pretty compelling story.
    Reliable deliverability
    because sending and hoping is not a good strategy.
    Our team
    because you need an advocate and a video expert.
    Recording options
    because every day is different and who doesn’t like variety?
    This is where we tell you we’re with you all the way.
    Your guide into the wonderful world of personalized video.

  • Our people are passionate about video and your business.
    You’ll receive extraordinary support and an answer when you call - always.
  • Enjoy:
  • Unlimited live support
  • One-on-one training
  • Coaching on best practices
  • Consultations on tips and video strategy
  • No voicemail policy during office hours
  • “One of the most important things about Covideo is the amazing quality of customer service. They go that extra mile to help you with everything.”

    -Allan Knight, Communication Coach

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    Create your first
    video in minutes.