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”Covideo gives you the chance to differentiate yourself and build relationships with your customers. I sent a follow up Covideo to a client I saw at a convention letting him know how great it would be to work with his organization again and take it to the next level. Two months later, he signed a $100,000 contract for training with me, as he was so impressed with the follow-up and attention I provided he and his company with Covideo.“

Did You Know?
of Click-Through Rates are increased with Video Email Marketing.
of Executives Watch Videos While Working. (Forbes)
of Decision-Makers Navigate Over to a Site After Viewing a Related YouTube Video. (Forbes)
Designed for Your Needs
  • Outlook Integration
    Send Right From Your Computer
  • Mobile Apps
    For Outreach On The Go
  • Video Templates
    Beautifully designed templates for your videos
  • Easy 3-Step Video Recording Process
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Covideos can be used in:Customer loyalty programs
Sales and Marketing Programs
Email Marketing Campaigns
Internal Communication Efforts
Video Conferencing Follow-Up
Improving Email Open Rates
Improving Product Sales
Online Networking
Event Follow-Up
Project Communication
Improve Lead Generation
Sales Campaigns Product Launches and More
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