808, 2013

20 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Video Email

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Most small business owners recognize the value of video marketing but don’t have the budget to shoot high production videos.  Fortunately, there are less expensive and effective video options available to them.

The social media explosion has caused a paradigm shift in marketing methods.  Ads have gone from broadly based print messages, to interactive, visual experiences.  Businesses are reaching out on a more personal level, using real-life scenarios and settings to connect with consumers.  Small businesses looking to deliver these personal, visual experiences economically, can do just that – with video email.

How can small businesses use video email to effectively market themselves?  Take a look:


1207, 2013

7 Tips for Managing Your Video Background

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Articles on video creation are usually content and brand message related.  After all, if you don’t have good content and your brand isn’t well presented, viewers are likely to tune you out and click on something more interesting.  But this time, I want to focus on a really deep subject – the video background.  People often spend so much time on script writing and light placement they forget to look through the lens and analyze what viewers will see behind, or next to, the subject.

Backgrounds can have a profound influence on how your video is received.   We’ve all seen videos where background objects seem to be growing out of a person’s head, or a backdrop consisting of wildly patterned wallpaper that makes you dizzy just looking at it.  In each case the viewer is so distracted by the background, the actual content isn’t being absorbed.  Suffice to say, proper stage setting can be the difference between video success or a ruined effort.  The good news is, it’s fairly easy to create a professional looking background, and it doesn’t require a lot of money or a dedicated studio.  Try these tips: […]

2106, 2013

Influence Purchase Decisions With Smart Marketing

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Even the smallest purchase requires decision making.  Take gum, for instance.  It’s not as cut and dried as you might think.  Do you choose a breath freshener or fun, fruity flavor?  Sugar added or sugar-free? Bubble gum or regular?   Stick, ball, tube, tab, ribbon, string….you see where this is going.  Decisions are a part of every consumer purchase.

Smart marketing plans require an understanding of the consumer’s decision making process.  So let’s take a look at the 4 steps involved in purchase decisions.  Keep in mind, the more costly the purchase (i.e. home, car, investment), the more time and energy consumers will likely devote to at least one of the steps. […]

2305, 2013

How to Drive Website Traffic After Video Views

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One of the most useful features of our video email service is Exit Links.  The idea being that once a recipient watches your video they […]

2105, 2013

Barriers to Video Email Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

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Even as video email becomes a mainstream tool for online marketers, barriers (real or imagined) keep some executives from green-lighting implementation.

Surveys by the Web Video Marketing Council over the past several years clearly indicate growing adoption of video email marketing, and satisfaction with the results of it’s use.  By 2012, 52% of marketing executives reported using video email marketing with an overwhelming 88% of them saying it had a positive impact.  Three-quarters of respondents felt video improved click-thru rates, increased purchases and boosted conversions.

With so many online marketers finding success using video email, why are some holding back?


2504, 2013

7 Reasons to Use Video Text Message Marketing

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If your business has tried conventional marketing (print, TV, radio, direct mail) with less than stellar results, now may be the time for you to embrace SMS video text messaging as a marketing tool.  Here are some compelling statistics.

Studies show that 83% of all US adults use a cell phone and 73% of them regularly send and receive text messages.  Over 9.6 trillion text messages were sent in 2012.  30% of consumers interact with brands via text message and of those consumers nearly 50% would like to receive text ads.  Text message users in the US send or receive an average of 35 messages daily.  Among smartphone users 22% say texting is the top function they cannot do without, followed by the Internet (17%) and Email (16%).

While these statistics alone get my attention, I want to really make the case by offering 7 real-world advantages of using video text message marketing to promote your brand and sell products. […]

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504, 2013

Why Consistency Pays Off In Video Marketing

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I love blogs.  In the name of research (and idle curiosity) I’ve visited thousands of sites, reading articles on everything from SEO strategies to landscape design.

What does this have to do with video marketing?  A lot, actually.  While I enjoy discovering new blogs, I find that certain sites draw me back, time after time. Content is a major factor, but I also recognize it’s more than that.  It’s consistency.  Articles are consistently and thoughtfully written.  Images are consistently well crafted.  Branding is consistently and creatively threaded throughout.  These sites are more than someone’s ideas haphazardly splashed across a webpage.  They are themed environments designed to spark interaction (comments, shares, Likes, Pins) and sales.

Blogs aren’t the only ones using consistent themes as marketing tools. Themed TV commercials have been used for years to build brands and influence consumer spending.  The Priceline ‘Negotiator’ and Capital One ‘Vikings’ are just two examples.  Insurance giants Allstate and Geico have done an outstanding job of developing not one, but two concurrent advertising themes.  Since 2003, Dennis Haysbert has been the Allstate spokesperson asking, ‘Are you in good hands?’  In 2010, ‘Mayhem’ ads were introduced to target younger consumers.  Both campaigns continue to be successful.  The long running ‘Caveman’ and ‘Gecko’ ads by Geico, present two very unique and humorous themes that target different demographics without diluting their brand.  No easy task to pull off. […]