2101, 2014

Referrals: It Pays to Ask

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As a small business owner or sales professional you realize the value of referrals, but are you actively seeking them from your customers?  It’s not enough to wait for referrals to come rolling in, you need to be proactive and incorporate a plan that helps send referrals your way.

Referrals come in a number of forms.

Requested Referrals occur when someone discovers a problem or need and turns to those they know and trust for a recommendation.

Testimonials are indirect referrals. They express satisfaction with your product/service and suggest others will benefit as well.  Video testimonials are particularly powerful and can be embedded in websites, blogs, newsletters or sent as video email for maximum reach.

Conversational Referrals take place during normal exchanges between people and often follow an outstanding experience with a business.

2612, 2013

Facebook ‘8 Days of Holiday Giveaways’ Contest Winners!

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Our Facebook ‘8 Days of Holiday Giveaways’ Contest ended on Dec. 24th and we’re happy to announce the 8 lucky daily winners!

Day 1 – Free […]

1712, 2013

Is Your 2014 Video Marketing Strategy in Place?

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If you haven’t already started, now is the time to develop your 2014 video marketing strategy and get your business off to a great start […]

1212, 2013

12 Reasons to Send Video Email Holiday Greetings

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Video email holiday greetings are becoming more popular every year, and it’s no wonder.
With video viewing at an all-time high businesses have plenty of reasons why it makes sense to show customers your appreciation with video, but in keeping with the holiday season I’m limiting my list to 12.

Here they are in no particular order: […]

2611, 2013

Acton Toyota Internet Team Talks Covideo and Dynamic Beacon

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At Acton Toyota of Littleton, MA, eCommerce Manager Justin Brun and Internet Manager Ben Koller have spent the past few years developing the dealership’s online […]

1211, 2013

Add Effective Calls-to-Action to Your Video Email Marketing

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No matter how entertaining or informational your video emails are, if they lack an effective call-to-action their marketing value is limited.  All that great content you’re sending, establishing an emotional connection with your audience, reaps few benefits if viewers aren’t motivated to interact with your business once the video is finished playing.

Video email calls-to-action can:

Direct viewers to links on the video email template (to webpages, documents or additional videos).
Be used in conjunction with web overlay to prep viewers before landing on a form submission page
Drive traffic to a website, blog or social media site
Be embedded in website videos to promote sales, discounts and promo codes
Generate leads when using a Covideo Capture Page
Gain feedback from your prospects and customers
Establish you as a trusted resource
Improve future open rates and engagement

So how do you add an effective call-to-action to your videos? […]

1710, 2013

Is Video Taking Over the World?

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We found this entertaining iStock video containing statistics on the rise of video viewing by today’s consumer, and had to share it.  Not only is […]

110, 2013

20 Great Video Email Applications for Dealerships

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Today’s consumers are looking for value. 
To stand out, dealerships need to deliver messages focused on
enhancing the customer experience.  Using video email is a big
part of that picture.
Here are 20 ways to re-charge your sales and build strong,
long-lasting customer relationships. […]

3009, 2013

Upgrade Your Webcam to Improve Video Quality

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If you want to improve the quality of your videos, take a closer look at your webcam. Older or entry level models may not have HD, auto-focus, noise-canceling and other technology necessary to provide the sharp images and clear audio achievable with more advanced models.

Top contenders in the webcam marketplace are Logitech, Microsoft and HP.  All three offer quality HD webcams designed to perform a variety of tasks (internet chat, recording, etc.).  I’ve chosen 5 of the most popular webcams, listing features, price, pros and cons, for a quick side-by-side comparison. […]

909, 2013

Notifications Make Lead Follow-Up More Productive

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Every sales lead is a potential customer and your follow-up process is the key to converting that lead.  So, it’s important for the tools at […]