2107, 2015

Take a Break for Productivity!

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It’s no lie that spending too much time in the office can make you go a bit stir crazy. Taking regular breaks throughout the day […]

107, 2015

Video is the Most Powerful Marketing Tool: Here’s Why

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Video is proving to be the most powerful digital marketing tool available. Here are some of the core reasons why video belongs in your marketing […]

1506, 2015

Suit Up for Productivity

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A study conducted by researchers from Columbia University and California State University found that there is an advantage to dressing up for the workday. The […]

206, 2015

Human Workflow Points to Productivity

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If you’re thinking of switching from cubicles to an open office in the hopes of boosting productivity, you may want to conduct a bit more […]

2704, 2015

Video Marketing: The merging of Art and Science

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Dynamic duos are running rampant in society, and now video marketing has added art and science to the mix. It has taught the industry that […]

2004, 2015

Maintaining Motivation

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We know you love your job, but sometimes motivation levels can fall and productivity can suffer. It is important that you take the necessary steps […]

2703, 2015

Creativity is for Everyone

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Although creativity is a trait that is widely admired in the business world, it is still feared by those in the workforce who feel they […]

1803, 2015

Cultivate a Happy Culture at Work

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The formula for success has been broken down and reworked countless times.  Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, has concluded that happiness is a […]

2702, 2015

New Year, New Office

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So you may have heard through the grapevine that we recently moved our office from West Lafayette to Indianapolis. 2015 was fast approaching so we kicked off the new year with a BANG. Here’s a peek inside Covideo’s new Indy digs.


1802, 2015

Now Working From Home ≠ Loss in Productivity

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Being a part of a small business certainly has its ups and downs. You are a valued team member, your input is critical and your […]