Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration: The Truth About Embedding Videos Into Outlook

Outlook allows messages to be constructed in HTML which is the reason you can drag images, Excel tables, photos into your emails. In those cases, Outlook automatically adds the appropriate HTML tags to your content without you having to touch any code. There is a limit, however, to the types of HTML Outlook will render. Among these prohibited types are Flash, animated, gifs and...you guessed it...video.

The next best thing is to have an add-in installed in your Outlook program that allows you to record videos, attach them to emails that display a thumbnail preview image from your video, then automatically open a new browser window that embeds nicely within Outlook so your recipient feels like they never left Outlook. Even in Outlook 2010, this is the best way to believably embed video into Outlook.
Fortunately, Covideo software comes standard with an Outlook add-in that performs this very function. You
can click here for a free version of Covideo. The Covideo Outlook Add-in integrates seamlessly and gives you the ability to record and send videos right from your Outlook account to any of your Outlook contacts. You can respond immediately to any incoming emails with a video by selecting "Reply" or "Reply to All". Easy access to your saved videos lets you view and select the video you want, instantly. The Outlook recorder component of this add-in is configured the same as our standard Covideo recorder which includes the ability to select scripts, templates, icons and more without ever leaving your Outlook account. This is the most effective way we know to embed video in Outlook.