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Acton Toyota Team

Pictured: Acton Toyota GM Mike Hills, eCommerce Mgr, Justin Brun, Internet Mgr Ben Koller

At Acton Toyota of Littleton, MA, eCommerce Manager Justin Brun and Internet Manager Ben Koller have spent the past few years developing the dealership’s online presence, email marketing campaigns and brand messaging.  Their efforts have helped Acton Toyota build one of the most successful Internet operations in the U.S., consistently ranking high on Ward’s eDealer 100 list.

Since 2008 their Internet plan has included strategic use of Covideo to set Acton Toyota apart in a competitive marketplace.  While many dealerships continue to use generic auto-responders, Acton salespeople reply to online inquiries with personalized introductory videos.  “The agent offers a bit of their back story to create a personal rapport and then addresses the visitor’s specific questions,” said Justin. “The result is a great first impression and improved conversion rates.”

Justin and Ben also see value in additional video touches to thank prospects for stopping by the store or congratulating a customer on the purchase of a new vehicle.  Updating a client on new inventory is easier than ever as well.  “Sales agents like a tool that’s easy to use and at their fingertips,” stated Justin.  “The mobile app is great for quickly sending walk-around videos to customers.”

Justin has worked hard to ensure all of Acton’s marketing efforts deliver a cohesive and consistent message, and that includes video email.  With Covideo, he and Ben have the ability to fully customize the look and feel of video emails from the inbox image, to the template surrounding the video screen, complementing the Acton brand.

When building Acton Toyota’s new website, Ben and Justin focused on improving site conversion rates.  Their examination into visitor interactions included mouse movement, heatmaps and form analytics.  After analyzing all the data they created a website that improves page layout, enhances the visitor experience, and most importantly, increases conversion rates.

As the Acton Internet department became successful, other dealerships began calling for advice.  During those conversations they realized other dealerships may not have the resources available to execute the cutting-edge marketing strategies used at Acton.  They went to Mike Hills, their General Manager to pitch the idea of advising other dealerships, and the result is a business within a business called Dynamic Beacon.

The focus at Dynamic Beacon is to create, operate, manage and grow dealership’s websites.  Per Ben, “If a dealership wants landing page development and content creation, is the place to go.”  They currently supply 20 clients with custom graphics, original content, reputation management, SEO strategies and act as the dealership’s marketing arm.  The result is a premium website, improved search optimization, enhanced user experience and increased conversions.  Additional services include microsites, enewsletters and paid search.

On the horizon for Dynamic Beacon is a remarketing product that follows up with website visitors (for up to 45 days) who look at several cars but do not submit their information before leaving the site.


Jamie Bidwell is a team member at Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate.

Mature CoupleIf your business markets to a more mature audience, they are less likely to be familiar with video marketing than other groups.  While adults in all age groups are actively using new technologies, the exposure to and use of video by adults over 50 is still below that of other age demographics.  Because of this, businesses have a golden opportunity to energize mature consumers by using video in their marketing efforts.

Video email has evolved into a marketing dynamo by: quickly engaging viewers, reinforcing company branding and providing multiple calls-to-action.  These elements gain traction among all age groups but can be even more effective with an older audience that places greater value on brand loyalty and personal interaction.  Imagine the interest generated by a video email that demonstrates your latest product, or talks directly to a prospect about valuable services available from your company.  The WOW factor, so often talked about, is actually delivered!  Their attention is grabbed and your video message is more closely studied than a comparable text message would be.  (It is very common for viewers to watch a video, or sections of a video, multiple times.)

Once the video has been viewed and excitement built, direct viewers to your website ‘Product’ or ‘Buy Now’ pages with handy exit links located right on the video template.  There is even an option to play a video in front of a partially masked website.  When the viewer exits the video the website is automatically displayed – without the need for links!  This is a highly efficient method of selling a particular product or garnering seminar/event registrations.

Adults over 50 are embracing Facebook, Twitter and other social networks in ever-increasing numbers, so be sure to include social media links on your template to help build a following and further engage viewers.

By incorporating video into your marketing plan you maximize product and service exposure, while minimizing small, difficult to read text.  Video also presents your message on two levels-visual and audio-promoting greater absorption and retention of the material.

Mature consumers are more likely to respond to a business that appeals to them on a personal level. Video messages offer opportunities for the owner, CEO, service representative and others to speak directly to viewers, conveying their enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity-building trust and familiarity more quickly than conventional ad layouts possibly can.

Revitalize your mature audience!  Make the move to video email marketing today!

Jamie Bidwell is a team member at Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate.