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New Template With Infinite Horizon BackgroundWe’re in the process of redesigning our templates to create a more dynamic visual experience.  By using an infinite horizon-style background, templates encompass the entire space, regardless of screen size or resolution.  The resulting look is more dramatic and compelling.  Custom templates can now make full use of the background to reinforce company branding and create a more lasting impression.

The other feature of our redesigned video templates is auto-detect links.  That’s fancy wording for link buttons that only appear if you have created a link.  Until recently, many templates had 7 customizable link buttons that were always visible, even if the button was empty.  Now, if you have two links set up only those buttons will appear.  Our other template style had 7 customizable text links that only displayed in the link area when set up, but remained static, leaving an awkward blank space when fewer than 7 links were visible.  Now, if you have two links set up, they will appear next to each other.  Both button and text links are automatically centered in the designated link area, maintaining balance to the template design.

Generic, Holiday and Special Occasion redesigned templates available in customer accounts include: White Generic, Red Generic, Teal Generic, From the Desk Of (see below), Laugh and Digital Tablet (see below) with more coming over the next several months.   Customers who previously purchased custom templates can (for a limited time) have our design team incorporate the new infinite horizon background and auto-detect link option to their template for just $99.  Contact with questions and to place orders.



Jamie Bidwell is a team member at Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate.

There are two items in today’s system update.

1)  Link Set Page – The link set editing page has been streamlined for a more intuitive process, beginning with the page tabs.  The old page had 4 tabs and required the user to bounce around a bit to make editing changes.    We’ve removed the ‘Set Default Link Set’ tab and integrated the default function into the main Add/Edit tab. The ‘Select a Link Set’ drop down menu has been eliminated.  Link sets are now displayed in list form with pagination options available.  Once a link set has been selected for editing, a pop-up overlay appears allowing the user to make changes without leaving the page.  This allows the user to edit multiple link sets quickly and easily.  Click on the link to watch a short demonstration of the new link set editing process.  LINK SET EDITING VIDEO.

2)  Manage Groups – The search function has been changed so that it displays contacts based on the tab you have selected.  If you are on the Add Contacts tab, your search will encompass all your imported contacts.  If you are on the Group Contacts tab, your search will pull from the selected group only.  This should eliminate confusion when searching for contacts to add to specific groups.

The videos in your CoVideo account can easily be integrated into a CRM, Auto-Responder or Email Marketing system using our Post Link #5 function.  Add the impact of video to regular text communications with the bonus of a branded funnel to your website for increased marketing exposure.

Watch the video demonstration to see just how easy it is!





Want your videos to be used for more than video email?  We figured you might.  That’s why every video stored in your account has a blue P/L button to the right of it.  What does P/L mean?  It stands for Post Links.  Post Links allow you to create hyperlinks in emails, web browsers and websites, that point directly to your video.  Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting tips on how to access and apply all of the Post Links in your account.  Today’s video tip covers Post Link #2.

Watch Here!



How do you add another dimension to your website? Or speak directly to customers in an email blast? With CoVideo you can place videos from your library onto a website to create a dynamic experience for visitors. Videos are an effective and easy way to promote products and services and email blast open rates increase when videos are included. CoVideo offers five options for placing videos depending on your specific needs.

Take a look at the video to see which option works for you!