What Is Video Email

Text Tells.
Video Engages.
It’s email – amplified.Our video email software and easy-to-use web interface leap beyond text email, providing the needed wow that engages your audience. Learning how to send videos through email using the individual technical components requires a great deal of time.  Using Covideo, you interact on a more personal level, build relationships more quickly and reinforce your brand-all with one deceptively simple product.

  • Record and Upload

    Both our web-based and desktop recorders make creating videos a snap. In just a few clicks you can record, preview, re-record, save and send videos.

    Additional features include:

    • Template and email icon selection
    • Viewing notifications
    • Vault (one-time view)
    • Contact management
    • Footer or script options

    Uploading videos is an easy browse-and-select process. Our system allows you
    to upload as many as 5 videos (500MB combined file size) at once, saving you valuable time.

  • Outlook Integration

    The Covideo Outlook Add-in integrates seamlessly and gives you the ability to record and send videos right from your Outlook account, to any of your Outlook contacts. Respond immediately to incoming emails with a video by selecting Reply or Reply to All. Easy access to your saved videos lets you view and select the video you want, instantly.

    The Outlook recorder has features similar to the standard Covideo recorder including the ability to select scripts, templates, icons and more without ever leaving your Outlook account.

  • Custom Templates

    Take your videos to a whole new level by emphasizing your brand with a custom template designed with the unique look and feel of your business. From the moment the email is opened until after the video is viewed, recipients are surrounded by images that reinforce who you are and what you offer. Exit links on each template offer further marketing opportunities by directing viewers to your website or other videos. It’s a powerful addition to your video email marketing strategy.

    Make an even bigger impact in the inbox when you use a custom email icon designed to match your custom template. Custom email icons can include your company logo, colors and even your picture to reinforce your branding and add that important personal touch.

  • Reporting

    Whether you only want viewing notifications or complete viewer activity reports, we’ve got you covered.

    Our comprehensive, real-time Hot Spots reports graphically display not only who watched the video, but which sections and how many times. Exit link reporting tracks viewer clicks on each template link to help you identify incoming traffic to your website from the video. The viewing notification option generates an email each time your video is viewed, providing great opportunities for timely and effective follow-ups.

    For multiple user accounts, additional reports provide managers with information on individual user’s statistics.

  • CRM Integration

    Nothing speaks to your prospects and customers like a video. Realize more value from your CRM system by integrating with Covideo. Make the most of your emails when you include videos for things such as:

    • Message from the owner
    • Replacing text articles
    • Product demonstrations
    • Reviews/comparisons with competitors
    • Invitations to sale events, seminars, training sessions

    Simply copy our system generated post link for your video from the video library and embed it into an automated email or newsletter and see the difference
    it makes. Our product easily integrates with nearly all CRM systems for maximum flexibility.