20 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Video Email

Most small business owners recognize the value of video marketing but don’t have the budget to shoot high production videos.  Fortunately, there are less expensive and effective video options available to them.
The social media explosion has caused a paradigm shift in marketing methods.
Ads have gone from broadly based print messages to interactive, visual experiences.  Businesses are reaching out on a more personal level, using real-life scenarios and settings to connect with consumers.  Small businesses looking to deliver these personal, visual experiences economically, can do just that – with video email.
How can small businesses use video email to effectively market themselves?  Take a look:

1.    Lead Follow up – Respond to internet inquiries with a video introducing yourself and your business.  Make an instant connection with prospects and set yourself apart from competitors using text email responses.
2.    Product Information – Demonstrate your product in real-life scenarios that create an experience for the viewer, not a laundry list of features.
3.    Services Offered – Focus on how your services improve people’s lives, and how they differ or are better than the competition.
4.    Price Quotes – Itemized costs, bundle options, material selection, etc. are easily conveyed with video. (Text documents can be linked to or attached if desired.)
5.    FAQs – Proactively answer commonly asked questions about your business, products or services to make way for more productive communications, shortening the sales cycle.
6.    Warranties & Other Policies – Explain warranties, guarantees and return, refund or other policies so potential customers know what to expect when buying from you.
7.    Special Offers – Promote sales, discounts, bonus buys, special rates and limited-time offers with video.
8.    Sneak Peak – Give customers a heads up on what’s coming.  Build anticipation with a video teaser of a new product, service or feature on the horizon.
9.    Complaint Resolution – Exhibit extra care and concern when responding to customer complaints by sending a personal video resolution.
10.  Purchase Follow-up – Send a video ‘thank you’ to customers after purchases. Make them feel special by showing your business cares about the relationship.
11.  Event Notifications & Invitations – Use video to promote upcoming events.  Send unique and entertaining video invitations to hype the event and draw a crowd.
12.  Appointment Reminders – A video message 1-2 days before a scheduled meeting or appointment makes a memorable reminder!
13.  Product Comparisons – Compare similar products or services to assist in the decision making process. (Especially useful when comparing your product to a competitor’s.)
14.  Surveys – Improve customer loyalty and stay relevant.  Ask for feedback on what’s working, what’s not and what they’d like to see.  Afterward, thank them and explain how you’re responding to the input.
15.  Community Service – Let people know what you and/or your business are doing to help the community and the environment.
16.  Testimonials – Video testimonials made by satisfied customers have an authenticity other consumers are more likely to trust.
17.  News – Keep people posted on breaking news, industry trends and challenges, company press releases and more.
18.  Holiday and Special Occasion Touches – Reach out to your customers throughout the year to show them they’re appreciated!
19.  Newsletters & Blogs – Adding video to e-newsletters and blogs increases engagement, provides greater flexibility, and adds the wow factor missing when only text and still images are used.
20.  Tips & How-To’s – Helpful hints, tips and how-to’s give consumers more reasons to buy from you, make your products or services more valuable, and build loyalty.
Every small business has unique qualities that require unique video solutions.
The list above is just a starting point and doesn’t begin to cover all the video email applications available for your business.  For applications related to your specific industry, niche or other distinction, contact me at jamie@covideo.com.
Jamie Bidwell is a team member at www.covideo.com. Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate. jamie@covideo.com.

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