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Why Covideo?

With Covideo, you can turn your emails into a tool for face-to-face and just-in-time interactions with your prospects and customers. You can build stronger relationships and generate business opportunities. This is particularly important in today’s world of highly personalized information exchange where video can be delivered effectively through mobile devices. That’s why Covideo is here.

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With Covideo You Will:

  • Directly connect your ideas verbally and visually
    No more impersonal messages that get lost in inboxes and don’t relay the personal attention that today’s customers today are expecting.
  • Deliver dynamic messages that compel your target audience into action
    No more distant and generic messages that are open for interpretation, are un-productive, and create confusion.
  • Conduct timely follow-up after immediately being alerted your message has been read
    No more back and forth voicemails or mystery about an individual that is engaged or not.
  • Send video email messages via Outlook or your mobile device
    No more “incompatible systems” or “on-the-go” excuses –Covideo has adapted to your preferred email messaging methods (as well as you customers’) to ensure smooth video communication.
  • Do a test run – Try It Free!
    No need to enter a credit card. Try it for 10 days to understand the power of Covideo email communication.
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