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2606, 2009

Lights! Camera! CoVideo!

By |June 26th, 2009|Company News|4 Comments

Lighting makes all the difference when recording a video.  High-light, low-light and special effect lighting set the mood and tone of your message. Abundant natural light creates a warm and comfortable feeling while artificial light, fluorescent lights in particular,  have more blue tones and may alter skin coloring. In the CoVideo offices we supplement our overhead fluorescent lights with incandescent spot and table lighting.

Preview your videos to make sure there is sufficient light and make […]

2406, 2009

Videos for web, browsers and email

By |June 24th, 2009|Company News, Tips|0 Comments

How do you add another dimension to your website? Or speak directly to customers in an email blast? With CoVideo you can place videos from your library onto a website to create a dynamic experience for visitors. Videos are an effective and easy way to promote products and services and email blast open rates increase when videos are included. CoVideo offers five options for placing videos depending on your specific needs. Take a look at […]

406, 2009

Make Video Email Part of Your Daily Routine!

By |June 4th, 2009|Company News|0 Comments

CoVideo Email is a great alternative to text emails.  Whether you are scheduling a meeting, following-up on leads, introducing yourself or sending a thank-you, video email provides the impact and personal connection text emails lack.  Try substituting video email whenever possible and see the results!  Before you know it CoVideo will be a part of your routine!

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