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2710, 2009

CoVideo is Up in the Cloud

By |October 27th, 2009|Product Updates|0 Comments

CoVideo is upgrading to a Cloud Server so the videos you send will play back better than ever!  We are transitioning the storage and delivery of our videos, uploaded through the online interface, to Rackspace Cloud backed by the Limelight Content Delivery Network.

A CDN is a computer delivery network structured to maximize bandwidth for data access by clients within the network.  Clients access data from a local source instead of a centralized location, thus reducing or eliminating bottlenecks. Back-up redundancy […]

1310, 2009

Video Mail Part of Dealership Internet Strategy

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More and more dealerships are finding the internet, and specifically video mail, an effective way to reach customers and drive sales.  The September issue of Auto Dealer highlights one such dealership, Acton Toyota of Littleton, Mass.  Their internet department is innovative and courageous, yet deliberate and thoughtful in crafting a marketing plan.  In the following excerpt from that article, see what Acton Toyota had to say about the benefits of video mail from CoVideo.

[With the help of a […]

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