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1904, 2010

Presentation Whiteboard Features

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Our presentation product has three media options: video, slides and whiteboard.  The first two are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory.   The whiteboard, however, is more than first meets the eye.

You can type text, create shapes and graphs, change font size and color and transfer control from one presenter to another.  For a more comprehensive presentation, copy a word document directly onto the whiteboard and edit the text as needed.  Multiple page documents are no problem!  CLICK […]

604, 2010

Cookies and Computer Performance

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When you visit a website they store a small file – a cookie – on your drive.  These files actually improve your browsing experience by saving information you provide for your return visit.  This is how credit card and address information auto-populate in the shopping carts of sites you visit regularly. Websites often customize what you view on their pages by recalling your preference history contained in cookie files. Cookies are also used for authentication and session tracking.

While there are benefits to cookies, privacy issues have been raised.  […]