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2506, 2010

CoVideo Announces Branding Packages

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Achieve Maximum Brand Exposure!
New Branding Packages Introduce Lead Capture
Do your video emails have the full impact of branding?
Would you like a lead capture element included with your video emails? 

CoVideo has developed a branding package designed to build your company brand, improve top-of-mind awareness, increase live event attendance and capture those all important leads!
From the inbox to the video and beyond, brand continuity is established & reinforced
  * Recipient sees a branded image upon opening email
* Branding theme continues during video viewing
  * Capture page includes customizable message box and […]

2306, 2010

Using CoVideo on a Mac

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Mac users have access to all three of our core products: Video Email, Live Conference and Live Presentation, with no downloading required.  In fact, the web version of Video Email was originally designed expressly for Mac users, while the desktop version is PC oriented.

To create video emails, login to your account at and click on Video Email.  If it is your first time using the product check your video/audio settings before recording.  To do this, click on Settings then Change […]

2106, 2010

Importing Contacts

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If you have a list of contacts, you can upload them directly into your CoVideo account. Depending on what package you have purchased, you can either upload up to 1000 or 5000 contacts into your account. We accept your contact’s first name, last name and the email address. Please have your list of contacts in an Excel spreadsheet and saved as .csv (comma delimited) format before uploading your list.

To save your list as .csv file:


706, 2010

The Power of Broadcast Pages

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CoVideo customers using the Broadcast module may not be aware of a powerful graphic component available to them.  Featured Broadcast Pages (like the example shown above) employ your corporate branding and direct potential attendees to your upcoming meetings and presentations.  Once at your Featured Broadcast Page, individuals can view broadcast date, time and entry information, as well as broadcast descriptions.  A promotional video and/or graphic image can be included to create additional buzz.  Registration and Join Broadcast options make it easy for people to sign up for (and attend) your broadcasts.  Post a link to your Featured Broadcast Page on […]

406, 2010

Live Presentation Features and Requirements

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With our Live Presentation products, you can host presentations to large audiences with up to six presenter on screen and use PowerPoint presentations, videos and a whiteboard to enhance your presentation. In order to be able to do these cool things, here are the requirements:

1.5 GB of RAM, 1.8 GHz Processor Speed
Latest version of Adobe Flash (CLICK HERE to install)
Bandwidth for Live Presentation:

Upload: 750 kbps minimum
Download: 750 kbps minimum
Suggested: […]

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