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2506, 2010

CoVideo Announces Branding Packages

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Achieve Maximum Brand Exposure! 
New Branding Packages Introduce Lead Capture
Do your video emails have the full impact of branding?  
Would you like a lead capture element included with your video emails? 
CoVideo […]

2306, 2010

Using CoVideo on a Mac

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Mac users have access to all three of our core products: Video Email, Live Conference and Live Presentation, with no downloading required.  In fact, the web version […]

2106, 2010

Importing Contacts

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If you have a list of contacts, you can upload them directly into your CoVideo account. Depending on what package you have purchased, you can […]

706, 2010

The Power of Broadcast Pages

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CoVideo customers using the Broadcast module may not be aware of a powerful graphic component available to them.  Featured Broadcast Pages (like the example shown above) employ your corporate branding and direct potential […]

406, 2010

Live Presentation Features and Requirements

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With our Live Presentation products, you can host presentations to large audiences with up to six presenter on screen and use PowerPoint presentations, videos and […]