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1211, 2010

Video Email Applications for Mortgage

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Last week we covered many of the video email applications for real estate professionals.  This week we’re moving on to the related industry of mortgage brokers.  This highly competitive field requires extra measures to stand out from the crowd.  Video email has the ability to improve name recognition, prospect-to-sale conversions and overall impressions of a broker and the business they represent.

Below are some of the many ways mortgage brokers can distinguish themselves from competitors using video email.  The applications are particularly […]

511, 2010

16 Great Video Email Applications for Realtors

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Our first article in the Video Email Business Application Series focuses on Realtors.  Video email has a wide range of applications for real estate professionals but virtual tours is the most obvious and often used.  The ease and convenience of taking clients on home tours, without ever leaving the office, is extremely appealing as it saves time and money.  It’s an excellent way for Realtors to make use of video but certainly not the only way!

Communication between real estate agents and clients often […]

311, 2010

Creative video email business applications

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Video email can be successfully applied to nearly every industry and business model.  Whether the focus is on marketing, sales, training, inter-office communications or community outreach there are countless uses of video email in executing company strategies.  CoVideo users recognize the potential value and benefits associated with video email but many struggle with creative implementation of the system after making their purchase.

With that in mind, we’re running a series of articles, posted every Friday during the month of November, on the many uses of video email.  While each article is […]