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2705, 2011

Social Links Add Marketing Power

By |May 27th, 2011|Company News, Tech|0 Comments

CoVideo templates have always included customizable links directing viewers to web pages after watching your video.  While those links can be aimed at social network sites, many users prefer to dedicate links to pages more directly related to marketing their products and services.  The result: a gap in their marketing efforts.

Social media marketing has exploded in the past two years and connecting contacts to your social network is now standard practice wherever possible.  With that […]

2005, 2011

Importing Contacts Into a Group

By |May 20th, 2011|Company News, Tech|0 Comments

Do you regularly send video emails to the same group of contacts?  Would you like an easy way to select those contacts when sending a video email?  We can help!  It only takes a few moments to import a list of contacts and place them into a group.   You’ll see how easy it is when you watch our demonstration video!  WATCH VIDEO

1605, 2011

CRM, Auto-Responder & Email Marketing video integration

By |May 16th, 2011|Company News, Tips|0 Comments

The videos in your CoVideo account can easily be integrated into a CRM, Auto-Responder or Email Marketing system using our Post Link #5 function.  Add the impact of video to regular text communications with the bonus of a branded funnel to your website for increased marketing exposure.  Watch the video demonstration to see just how easy it is!  WATCH VIDEO

1205, 2011

Embed Videos on Your Website With Post Links

By |May 12th, 2011|Company News, Tips|0 Comments

If your business has a website, squeeze page or blog, you have the perfect online real estate for embedded videos!  Videos add an exciting dimension that can quickly inform and engage your visitors like no other media, turning your web presence into a more personal, interactive experience.

To embed videos on a webpage from your CoVideo account, use our Post Link #4.  Embedding videos requires some HTML knowledge so you may need to send the code to your webmaster to complete the process.  Learn how […]

1005, 2011

Boost employee engagement with video

By |May 10th, 2011|Company News|0 Comments

Employee engagement and internal communications are hot topics in the corporate world these days.  Businesses everywhere are searching for ways to better engage their employees and improving internal communications is a key component in achieving that goal.

A first look solution is the replacement of boring text emails with dynamic and personal video emails.  When managers send internal video messages, they can more clearly express their vision for the company and provide coherent employee expectations.  In return, employees can […]

605, 2011

Multiple Videos in One Video Email-With Post Links

By |May 6th, 2011|Company News, Tips|0 Comments

Want to include more than one video when sending a video email?  It’s a snap when using Post Link #2.  Each CoVideo template comes with 7 customizable links and any or all of them can be used for videos.  It’s a great way to follow your primary video message with video testimonials, product demonstrations, staff introductions and more!  We’ve put together a short demonstration showing two options for linking videos that give you very different […]

305, 2011

Sound Alternatives to Departing Flip Cams

By |May 3rd, 2011|Company News|0 Comments

Shortly after we released our article comparing webcams to Flip mini camcorders, Cisco announced the decision to shut down their Flip video camera division.  We decided a second article was in order and began researching mini camcorders.  What we found are several sound alternatives to the Flip that can accommodate both business and personal use.

Sony Bloggie 

New to the market this past year, the Bloggie brings the goods (1920 x 1080p MP4 HD video with 5-megapixel stills).  It’s small, lightweight design is perfect for […]

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