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1706, 2011

Track Your Video With Viewer Notifications

By |June 17th, 2011|Product Updates|0 Comments

A cool feature of our video email product is the viewer notification option.  CoVideo users can be notified by email every time someone views a video email they sent from our system.  This option is highly effective for timely follow ups and time-sensitive offers.
For example: a real estate agent sends a video email of a property to a client. When the client views the video email, the real estate agent immediately receives an email […]

306, 2011

Video Email for Insurance Professionals

By |June 3rd, 2011|Insurance|0 Comments

Insurance professionals, like many others in direct sales, rely on strong relationships to not only maintain, but build their client base.  The best way to keep relationships strong is with regular communication, but relying on expensive mailings or lengthy phone conversations is neither cost nor time effective.  Video email for insurance professionals on the other hand, offers a time-saving and economical way to personally reach clients and prospects.  Below are applications insurance professionals can employ in prospecting and customer retention strategies.  The focus […]

206, 2011

Managing Your Email Icons

By |June 2nd, 2011|Product Updates|0 Comments

Email icons are an often overlooked but extremely vital feature of video emails.  The first opportunity a business has to make an impression on their recipients is at the inbox, and the email icon creates the visual impact to do just that.

Recent upgrades to our system gives users more options than ever before when choosing, uploading or editing an email icon so we thought a quick video explaining the process would be helpful.  The most notable […]

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