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2709, 2011

The Magic of Video Newsletters

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Email newsletters are a staple of online marketers. They provide a more casual approach to sales by inserting articles and industry updates, in between event sign-ups, new product releases and special offers.  Add in a short overview by the editor, a couple of social network links and an image or two and you have the basis for a solid company newsletter. Solid, but in today’s competitive online marketplace…boring.

With the decreasing attention span of consumers, businesses have to make a big impression quickly to keep them […]

2209, 2011

New Templates Boast Auto-Detect Links

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We’re in the process of redesigning our templates to create a more dynamic visual experience.  By using an infinite horizon-style background, templates will now encompass the entire space, regardless of screen size or resolution.  The resulting look is updated and fresh.  Custom templates can now make full use of the background to reinforce company branding and create a more lasting impression. Now, let’s get to the auto-detect links!

The other feature of our redesigned templates is […]

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