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1011, 2011

The Basics of How-To Videos

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How-To videos are a great way to share your knowledge on nearly any topic and demonstrate the steps involved in completing a project. Whether your how-to video is about tying a scarf or proper tree pruning methods, the same basic planning and implementation approach applies.

1.    Items you need: Gather a video camera, tripod (optional-depends on type of demonstration), items to accomplish demonstration (tools, recipe ingredients, art supplies, etc.) and friend(s) to shoot video and/or participate in demonstration.
2.    Choose a topic: Make […]

411, 2011

Create Impressive POV Action Videos

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Point of View (POV) videos are the rage with extreme sport enthusiasts.  Capturing the exhilaration of ski jumping, snow boarding, wind surfing and other adventure sports from the athlete’s perspective is a video thrill ride like no other.  Armchair viewers can almost feel the icy snow hitting their face as a extreme skier races headlong down a steep, rugged slope through trees and other hazards.  This part-of-the-action viewpoint has proven very effective for extreme athletes promoting themselves and their sports, with an individual […]