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2908, 2012

Covideo Featured in the Lafayette Journal & Courier

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Covideo was featured in the Lafayette Journal & Courier this week. The article reports our new integration with SalesForce which is a big deal if you’re one of the 2 million subscribers who use this popular tool. Using video email for CRM is an emerging marketing trend and we’re loving all this great press! Check out the full article here… 


Jason Price is the president and co-founder of Covideo provides video email software that helps […]

2808, 2012

Attract Web Followers With a Video Series

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People like a good story, but what they really like are stories told as a series. There is a compelling quality to a narrative told in installments.  The knowledge there’s more to be uncovered and the enjoyment of connecting with characters over an extended period of time, draws us in.  The phenomenal success of Harry Potter (books and movies), the Star Wars saga and all three Toy Story movies are prime examples of our love for series-based storytelling.

Businesses can capitalize on the popularity of the series format for many web video applications (How To, Event Coverage, Educational, Documentary, Coaching, Commercials, Reviews, etc.)  When done correctly, a video series can increase clicks/views on a website and attract followers to your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites.  Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a video series. […]

2108, 2012

5 Steps to Viral Video Success

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Viral videos are a phenomenon directly related to the exponential growth in video viewing.  As video views continue to rise, businesses are scrambling to create buzz (and drive sales) by producing videos they hope will go viral.  For small or start up businesses 1,000 views may define viral, while larger more established companies may set the bar at 10,000+ views.  In rare cases, videos may garner 1,000,000 or more views.

While no one can guarantee thousands (or millions) of views, there are a number of common elements in viral videos worth mentioning. […]

1308, 2012

David Boudia wins gold!

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Big props to West Lafayette’s own David Boudia for being the 1st American since Greg Louganis to win gold in the 10 meter individual platform dive. It’s awesome to see a fellow Purdue grad represent both Indiana and the US on a world stage and not just win, but win with an obvious sense of humility and respect for others. Well done, David.


Jason Price is the president and co-founder of Covideo provides video email […]

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