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2305, 2013

How to Drive Website Traffic After Video Views

By |May 23rd, 2013|Product Updates|0 Comments

One of the most useful features of our video email service is Exit Links.  The idea being that once a recipient watches your video they can be linked to as many as 7 webpages, documents or additional videos by clicking on customizable buttons located on the video email template.  Exit Links are perfect for linking multiple, post-viewing destinations such as: home page, free trial page, social media page, word document, 2nd video and more.

There are […]

2105, 2013

Barriers to Video Email Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

By |May 21st, 2013|Video Email|0 Comments

Even as video email becomes a mainstream tool for online marketers, barriers (real or imagined) keep some executives from green-lighting implementation.

Surveys by the Web Video Marketing Council over the past several years clearly indicate growing adoption of video email marketing, and satisfaction with the results of it’s use.  By 2012, 52% of marketing executives reported using video email marketing with an overwhelming 88% of them saying it had a positive impact.  Three-quarters of respondents felt video improved click-thru rates, increased purchases and boosted conversions.

With so many online marketers finding success using video email, why are some holding back?


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