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3008, 2013

Marketing With Facebook Hashtags

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If your business isn’t using Facebook hashtags you might want to give it some serious thought.

Facebook, though late to the game, is now using hashtags placed in front of a word or phrase to turn it into a clickable link.  Clicking on the link displays public posts using the same hashtag.  Why is this important?  How can it benefit your business?

As a hashtag gains popularity, its reach is also growing, putting your business in front of people who may not otherwise see your posts.  Businesses with a specific target community can use hashtags to draw people into a conversation and encourage further interaction (likes, shares, lead capture, etc.). […]

2208, 2013

B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2013

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The world of marketing has been turned upside down.  Traditional ‘sales pitch’ style commercials, online banners, magazine ads and mailers, are easily discarded or ignored by today’s savvy consumers. Realizing the climate shift, marketers are turning to content marketing to attract customers.

The concept of content marketing is to provide an ongoing stream of valuable and relevant information to a clearly defined target audience.  The idea being that, over time, providing consistent and valuable information will […]

2208, 2013

Win Clients Using Added-Value Marketing

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Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, potential customers have changed their buying habits and requirements since 2008.  A solid product and competitive price are not necessarily enough to win over a client who can do a quick online search and find similar options.  It’s up to you to show them your product is an added-value to their business or everyday lives.

One of the best ways to demonstrate added value is with video. Determine which areas of added value apply to your product, and then cut videos that make a compelling case for the customer to buy.  Product-in-action videos or testimonials from satisfied customers are time-tested, winning formulas.  Embed the videos on your website, send as personalized emails or include in email campaigns.

So what comprises added value? […]

808, 2013

20 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Video Email

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Most small business owners recognize the value of video marketing but don’t have the budget to shoot high production videos.  Fortunately, there are less expensive and effective video options available to them.

The social media explosion has caused a paradigm shift in marketing methods.  Ads have gone from broadly based print messages, to interactive, visual experiences.  Businesses are reaching out on a more personal level, using real-life scenarios and settings to connect with consumers.  Small businesses looking to deliver these personal, visual experiences economically, can do just that – with video email.

How can small businesses use video email to effectively market themselves?  Take a look: