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3009, 2013

Upgrade Your Webcam to Improve Video Quality

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If you want to improve the quality of your videos, take a closer look at your webcam. Older or entry level models may not have HD, auto-focus, noise-canceling and other technology necessary to provide the sharp images and clear audio achievable with more advanced models.

Top contenders in the webcam marketplace are Logitech, Microsoft and HP.  All three offer quality HD webcams designed to perform a variety of tasks (internet chat, recording, etc.).  I’ve chosen 5 of the most popular webcams, listing features, price, pros and cons, for a quick side-by-side comparison. […]

909, 2013

Notifications Make Lead Follow-Up More Productive

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Every sales lead is a potential customer and your follow-up process is the key to converting that lead.  So, it’s important for the tools at […]