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2703, 2015

Creativity is for Everyone

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Although creativity is a trait that is widely admired in the business world, it is still feared by those in the workforce who feel they are missing the entire right side of their brain. But the beautifully painted doors of creativity are open to all. While it cannot be produced on demand, researchers have found that creativity can be learned just like any other skill. Everyone has the potential to unlock their minds and generate […]

1803, 2015

Cultivate a Happy Culture at Work

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The formula for success has been broken down and reworked countless times.  Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, has concluded that happiness is a major component of the equation. When you’re happy you achieve more. Your brain is 31% more productive, efficient and creative. By finding ways of becoming more positive, people are able to work faster, harder and more effectively.

Now employers are constantly searching for better ways to increase their employees’ productivity and […]