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2509, 2015

Don’t work harder, work SMARTER

By |September 25th, 2015|Tips|0 Comments

You know that old saying, “Time is money, money is time,” well it’s true. Make better use of your time; the solution is easier than you think.

1) Become a faster reader.
Think about how much of your day is consumed by reading, now imagine cutting that time in half. Read faster without breaking each word down by syllable. It will not only help you move through text faster, but it increases the speed at which you […]

909, 2015

NOT using video is something you can’t afford

By |September 9th, 2015|Video Marketing|0 Comments

Creating great video used to be available to a select few aka big brands with big marketing budgets. The ability to create good video required an expensive process handled by “professionals.”

The balance of power has shifted. Now everyone with a smartphone can walk around with an HD camera right in their pocket. Not to mention, new technology makes it easy to create high quality video with just a few clicks.

The Key to Video ROI
It’s true, […]

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