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1811, 2015

Tips to help you start with video marketing

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It’s not a coincidence that video is quickly becoming the most popular marketing tool. Producing a video wasn’t always a cheap affair but today you can choose from a whole plethora of online video-creation platforms that are affordable and easy to use. The expansion of video is the next revolution in marketing and business owners who were used to blogs, direct mail, search ads and print are now discovering that video is an effective way […]

611, 2015

How to create winning marketing videos

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Shhh…you didn’t hear it from us but we’ve got a cheat sheet with 3 killer tips to make any marketing video shine. Just follow these three tips to start racking up video views and bring in continuous business.

Secret #1: Use Emotions Instead of Hard Sells.
Instead of making the entire video a call to action bring a human element to your video by showing how your brand and/or service impacts your customer’s life.

Secret #2: Start a […]

211, 2015

How to use video in email marketing the right way?

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The new marketing tool

Have you heard about a new marketing tool, a medium that’s being used all over the internet? It’s uncanny, your email click-through rate could be increased by up to 300 percent and your unsubscribe rate could be reduced by 75 percent. By now you’re probably thinking that we’re talking about some pricey, heavy-hitter enterprise software system, but we’re not. It’s a medium you already use every day. The answer is short and […]

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