Monthly Archives: February 2016

1802, 2016

Video is the key to winning social media

By |February 18th, 2016|Video Marketing|0 Comments

Adding videos to your social media marketing mix can be a true blessing if you keep a few tips in mind. Today we’ll talk about the basic questions and ideas that can help you create great videos that will engage your social media followers.

What video type should I use?

Social media allows you to use all kinds of different video types and that is a great thing because it keeps things interesting and your followers will […]

502, 2016

Which industries can profit from video marketing?

By |February 5th, 2016|Video Marketing|0 Comments

Why on Earth are videos so popular and why are they taking the online marketing world by storm? Surely you know it’s impossible to pick a single reason which would explain this phenomenon. Video is an appealing medium that saves prospective clients and customers from reading a brick load of text, it’s informative and provides a way to see a product in action from all possible angles, and if it’s done right there’s a strong […]

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