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2804, 2017

The Dual Purpose of “Thank You”

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This is not a post about the importance of saying “thank you” in business (and life in general). Let’s go ahead and assume that you’re always following up to offer your appreciation after the close. What this IS about is getting the most out of that thank you message.

Sending a simple thank you or message of appreciation for someone’s business is fast, easy and sets up a perfect opportunity to ask for that customer’s referrals […]

304, 2017

“Is Anyone Listening?”

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Our dear friend and long-time user/champion of Covideo, Matt West, just posted an insightful overview on the power of video and how it can reestablish the human connection in modern-day communication. Here’s a little snippet of his wisdom:

“Technology improves the mechanics of communication, however; sometimes what is missing is the human element. We can’t ignore, until West World becomes a reality, we are still communicating with other people…”

“…In this golden digital age, we have Facebook, […]