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3105, 2017

Video is for everyone

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In a recent article by Forbes Magazine, Rashid stated: “video is for everyone,” and I personally could not agree more. Over the years, video technology has been thriving throughout the world. No matter what business endeavor you are in — whether it may be a florist, mortgage, construction, or tech company — video marketing is for you! While working in the business world, it is important to build trust and relationships with your present and […]

3005, 2017

How to Avoid Spam Filters?

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“Spam” can be a four-letter word, particularly in the sales world. But spam filters are in place for a reason: to weed out irrelevant emails – and who among us doesn’t appreciate that? So step #1: makes sure your emails have relevant content that is specific and targeted for the intended receiver. Beyond that, here are some of the top tips for avoiding spam filters and getting your emails opened:

1. Avoid spam-y words/symbols/formatting

Ixnay on […]

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