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3 Christmas Video Ideas That Will Help You Sl-eigh!

With holidays taking over, it’s time to jump on the jolly wagon, so we’ve gathered some Christmas video ideas, which will help you make the most out of this holiday season!

If you are looking for a proper way to spread Christmas cheer and to wish all the best to your clients, customers, colleagues, friends or family, this season you might want to skip Christmas cards.

Instead, try recording a Christmas video!

Because of its personal note, Christmas videos will result in higher engagement and with more feedback from your customers and clients.

One of the best things about recording a festive video is the possibility of creating positive emotion and a delightful image of yourself (and most importantly, your business).

Of course, there is the other, more business-y part.

Make sure to use holiday video marketing as a tool to promote your business, goals, ideas, and values.

Holiday marketing always brings some better results in generating new leads, so invest some time into thinking outside the box and unleash that creative beast inside of you!

The outcome? Well, you might find yourself closing the year and meeting your goals a bit easier than you thought you would.

1. Gettin’ jingle with it

We are sure you have a pair of reindeer antlers or a cute Santa hat lying around somewhere.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t be afraid, embrace the spontaneity and let the Christmas spirit take over!

Moreover, feel free to play some subtle Christmas music in the backgroundSure, you don’t want something that is too noisy or too distracting, but hearing “Little Drummer Boy” on semi-silent will definitely warm your viewer’s heart.

What might work even better is showing off the Christmas atmosphere in your office! We all love stumbling upon some lovely decorated offices while scrolling through our social media.

Let your Christmas tree be the star of your video – use it as a place where you and your colleagues get together and celebrate the holiday season.

To be particularly festive, you can always say one or two icebreakers in the form of an amusing Christmas pun!

If you need any examples, help yourself to these Christmas puns. 

Don’t forget to express your gratitude for your clients or potential leads and for their interest in your business.

Let them know you’ll feel blessed to have them around in the New Year.

2. Ain’t no party like a Christmas party

Are you throwing a Christmas party you would like your partners to attend?  You want to create an invitation they won’t refuse?

Well, you have the goal – we have the solution!

Here’s also one of our Christmas video ideas:

Use video to liven up your message, personalize your story and – watch yourself score.

Let people know about your party by creating a short, but captivating, jolly and humorous video.

Statistically, videos get 3x more clicks than static images, increase traffic and offer a unique opportunity for you to pass on your message in a more original and inviting manner.

Showcase your relaxed vibe and illustrate yourself as someone your clients would like to drink a cup of mulled wine with. You cannot represent your company culture enough using just plain words.

Record a video invitation to your event, and watch all those positive RSVPs start flowing into your inbox!

Here are 5 helpful tips for recording a picture-perfect video.

3. This Is One Night I Wish I Could Rewind

… says Rascal Flatts in their emotional song named “Rewind”.

Well, you shouldn’t be like them, grasping at some wishful thinking… Go out and do it!

There is no such thing as perfect timing for creating recap videos for the Christmas holidays, so think about creating a “Rewind” video to share the cheer of your success with the people you cherish!

The final of our Christmas video ideas is creating a “Rewind” video, which will highlight all the milestones, news, accomplishments, and progress you achieved throughout the last year.

Moreover, the holiday season is the ideal time to spend money on bargains and gifts. Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to make your own holiday offer.

Establish a top-notch promotion, and then promote some additional traffic via video! Be straight-forward and let your video message go straight to the point.

Moreover, don’t forget to share it on your social media channels.

For example, Facebook has the tendency to increase the organic reach of video posts for about 135%, according to Bitable, so you’ll surely boost your outreach and catch your wanted audience’s attention.

Instagram, with around a billion monthly active users, is also a perfect channel for sharing video, especially in the form of an Instagram Story, Instagram Live or IGTV.

Use IGTV to upload your longer videos (up to 10 minutes), Instagram Live to share some perfect moment of the Christmas mood with your followers, and Instagram Story for short, but captivating notices.

Deliver your message loud and clear, so your clients and customers can easily understand you. That way, you’ll be able to create a relationship that is beneficial for both sides!

Find out about 8 video types that will attract customers.

And finally…

We hope these Christmas video ideas will come in handy, but more than anything, we wish you amazing holidays!

Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, so work hard, be helpful and kind, and everything you wish for will eventually come true.

We also wish you prosperity and success throughout the upcoming year!



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