3 Ways to Improve Sales — Before the Meeting!

Nonverbal communication is hard to come by these days. Most of our time is spent at our home offices, emailing, calling, and waiting for the laggy video conference to catch up. For sales professionals to stand out and make a memorable impression—before the meeting—they need to incorporate video messages into their outreach. This will in turn improve sales!

Yes, I did write more videos, but trust me, this is not requiring you to get dolled-up, write an award-winning script, or hire a professional camera crew.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Video messages, also known as video emails, are like digital handshakes. They’re quick, eye-catching, and make both parties feel comfortable. Here’s an example:

Not only was this video off the cuff, but it required less than a minute and 20 seconds to produce!

*Mic drop*

Did you notice how I personalized the video to this specific prospect, and incorporated friendly, nonverbal communication like eye contact and smiling? These are vital to creating a successful and positive experience for potential customers, which will in turn improve sales. A video introduction is just the tip of the video-email iceberg, too; you can send personalized follow-ups, capture screen recordings of presentations, answer complicated questions, send thank-you videos, and many more.

When you incorporate verbal and nonverbal communication into your sales outreach, you’re providing effective communication and a memorable experience for your prospect. But you don’t just take my word for it!

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What percentage of communication is nonverbal?

So here’s what PsychPedia can tell us about communication: “Nonverbal communication plays a significant role in our lives, as it can improve a person’s ability to relate, engage, and establish meaningful interactions in everyday life. A better understanding of this type of communication may lead people to develop stronger relationships with others.”

Nonverbal communication with a client or potential customer increases trust, transparency, and humanizes the buying process. These in turn all improve sales!

In a video message, you’ll have a platform to display positive nonverbal communication that increases your credibility and trustworthiness will help you land a deal. 

Allowing your recipients to see firsthand, your actions and facial expressions align with your words will help form a better connection in future interactions. Without a video, your efforts are wasted and faceless, phone calls since clients or prospects have no way of reading your nonverbal communication. 

Video emails will allow you to have more of an “in-person” interaction and provide critical nonverbal cues that can help improve sales.

So with that, let’s start makin’ videos!

3 video messages to send before your meeting to improve sales

A Video Introduction
Before you jump on a video meeting, break the ice by reaching out with a video intro. 

Simply explain to the prospect who you are, your role during the buying process, add any detailed information that pertains to the viewer.

Don’t forget about the next steps! Before you end the video tell the viewer to click on your call-to-action button to schedule a time to connect over screen or phone. This will help the buying process, improve sales, and keep both the sales rep and prospect happy.

A Meeting Reminder Video
Sending a quick reminder about your upcoming meeting is helpful and effective. In the video give them information on where to find the zoom link. Is it in the calendar invite, or do you plan on sending it in a separate email? 

Use this video reminder to request to boss or other team members on the meeting.

A Screen Recording Video
Provide a sneak peak of what the prospect can expect in the scheduled meeting. You can record your screen walking them through your product or services. Use your website, YouTube, or show your customer testimonials to give the recipient more insight on your company. 

What to send after your meeting

Creating “thank you” videos allow you to sincerely express your gratitude for your customers, but in a unique and personalized way.

This enhances the overall customer experience which will lead to retention and help your business thrive in the long run. 

Our team sends thank you emails fairly often and for a number of circumstances: following a meeting, receiving a referral, or closing a deal. Really, the options are endless and all of them improve sales!

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