5 Brilliant Ways to Connect With Your Online Audience

Building an online audience is a vital step in creating your brand’s online presence. Reaching the right audience helps you increase conversions, generate more high-quality leads, and boost engagement on your online channels.

Check out these tips to help you connect with your online audience.

Identify your customers

Before you produce any content, you first need to discover who is your online audience. Start by doing research on your current customers. Learn about their demographics, explore their interests, and discover what they have in common. 

If most of your customers work in a specific role or industry, investigate what challenges they face and consider how you can provide a solution. Don’t forget to stay up to date on current trends so your content is relevant and helpful.Gathering this data also helps you determine what format of content your audience wants to see. While some people prefer written content in the form of blogs, e-books, and white papers, others favor more interactive content, like videos, webinars, and live Q&A’s. As a personalized video software company, we learned that our audience responds best to informative and entertaining video content, but find what works for you!

Discover where your audience spends time

If you want to engage with your online audience, waiting for them to come to you isn’t the most effective approach. Instead, build a presence on the online sites where they spend the most time. It could be Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or all of the above, but by joining these sites you can begin contributing to the conversation. You’ll also connect with professionals in your industry, learn more about their points of view, and finally, share your own. 

By frequently communicating and sharing ideas, you’ll soon amplify your influence and establish your brand as a thoughtful leader. As the reward, you’ll see more people becoming organically interested in what you have to offer.

Define the right type of content for your audience

When you segment your audience by their industries, professions, and company size, you’ll better understand what content you need to produce.

Ensure you provide relevant and fresh ideas. We’re all over saturated  with content on a daily basis, so generate authentic and brand specific content. You’ll have to do a bit of experimenting to refresh your style and test their response.For example, if you’ve been working on your blog for a while, turn the best performing posts into videos to give them a new, polished look.

Try incorporating multimedia

Create a mix of media to ensure you’re reaching your entire audience. Blogs are great, but if that’s the only content you’re posting online, it can get mundane. Incorporate images, graphics, and personalized interactive videos to keep your audience engaged.

Humans are visual creatures, so when you create personalized videos online, your viewers understand your message quicker thanks to hearing your voice and seeing facial expressions. Not to mention, a video is more entertaining.

When using video, make sure it’s mobile friendly. Most internet users surf the web using their smartphone, so if you’re using a personalized video landing page on your website, double check it’s layout.

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Consistency is key

When providing content, you need to maintain the highest possible standard. Offer top-notch content that is consistent and recognizable on various channels to strengthen your brand image.

Encourage your followers to share your content. With more shares your content will reach more people, and with more people reading your content, you’ll obtain thought leadership in your field. Introduce guests in your blog posts, e-books, or video testimonials. Entice discussion, opinion sharing, and make new connections. 

Also, being consistent with your posts means you’re up to date with advice and helpful information, and your audience relies on that.

That leads to only one thing – established and steadfast loyalty.

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