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5 communication secrets to close real estate deals

Do you know what are the top communication secrets for real estate agents to sell more properties? Buying a property is considered the most stressful experience in modern life, even more, stressful than a divorce, according to EstatesDirect.com’s research. With that in mind, the importance of having a good real estate agent should never be questioned. With everyone having an option to become an agent in the real estate industry, how can you make sure you are staying on top and buyers see you as an expert? The key lies in communication, and here we will reveal five communication secrets for the real estate industry.

1. Get to know your clients

Understanding what your clients want is imperative in real estate business. It is important to take time to talk to them about their needs and requests and get to know them before taking the first steps. Realizing what your client is looking for will save a lot of time for both of you because you will be able to narrow down your options to ones that suit your client best. Make sure you have all the needed information before you start thinking of what properties you will show them. Feel free to let your clients know that you are collecting this information in order to show them only what could be suitable for them. If you are communicating only with one person, find out if somebody else is moving in with them. Don’t forget to ask about their pets too!

2. Say it how it is

Don’t try to sugarcoat things, say it how it actually is. That cozy apartment on the 12th-floor building is actually really small and your clients will probably not decide to move in if they have kids. Also, if they hear the phrase “Up-and-coming neighborhood”, they already know that the community is not yet established. Using those words will only waste time that you would rather spend on finding the right property for your client. Honesty is more effective than fancy phrases, especially if you are communicating with your clients about something as important as buying property. Instead of being focused on just closing the deal, focus on creating trustworthy and meaningful relationships with your potential clients.

3. Selling more than a property

A real estate agent first sells himself and then the property. Let’s be honest, would you spend your money on a property that was presented by someone you don’t trust? When you trust someone, it means you are comfortable around them, you trust their words and you will hear what they have to say to you. Your buyers will certainly appreciate if you are positive, energetic and show them you care about their needs. Just be yourself and focus on giving them as much information as you can about the property and the whole selling process.

4. Shorten the selling process

It takes about 40 to 60 days to get from your first walk around the property to closing the deal. To shorten that process, the conversation with your clients needs to be informative every single time. For example, if you collect as much information as you can when you are getting to know your potential buyers in the beginning. This will make it easier for you to find a perfect property for them. Of course, even when your clients choose the right property, there are still a lot of details you have to go through to ensure they understand the whole process of buying. This part is the most stressful for your buyers so help them as much as you can. Remember, you sold many houses and for them, it is one of the most important decisions they ever had to make.

5. Personalize your experience with video

We all like to feel special to someone. Showing people you know them and you are here for them makes you the part of their inner circle. Isn’t that where all the real estate agents want to be? To be available 24/7 and ready for questions isn’t enough to stand out in a sea of real estate competitors. It’s vital to do something more, but what exactly? Don’t worry, we have a more efficient way of communicating that helps you give that personal touch. Present your personality, company culture, beliefs, and motives by recording a short introduction video in the office of you and your team. Good real estate agents know that the way something is said is just as important as what you say. Video email gives you the opportunity to do exactly that. Time, time, time, it’s all about time! Be efficient and show your clients that you value their time. Use the satisfaction of your former clients to record testimonials that will earn the trust of new ones.

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