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5 Noteworthy Tips For Using Video In Real Estate

Using video in real estate can significantly set you apart from your competitors.

Buying a property isn’t a simple decision.

When purchasing real estate, people are buying a place they’ll soon call their home.
If they’re not buying a place to live in, they’re most likely trying to find a place where they can settle their business headquarters.

Nevertheless, in both cases, your buyer is looking for a place that will become a prominent factor in their everyday life.

Your role in this process is to make that journey a pleasant one.

We’ve gathered five tips for using video in real estate, that will help you gain more sound results in satisfying your home buyers and sellers.

1. Find the best technique for your videos

Before you hit that record button and start using video in real estate, it’s necessary to take care of some technical things.
Your videos don’t have to be a top-notch cinematic work, but you need to eliminate all the possible distractions that might diffuse or dim your message.

Balance the light.

If you’re recording your video during the day, make sure to sit facing the window, so the sunlight will help illuminate you.

Check your background.

Clean your background from all the potential distractions.

The main focus of your video should be you and only you, so remove all the inappropriate items from your frame.
If you’re recording outside, a good tip would be to use a microphone which will help you minimize all the noise from the outside and put the focus on your voice.

Maintain eye contact.

Talk to the camera as if you would talk to a real person.

The importance of nonverbal communication is also high, so make sure to improve your posture too.
Pay attention to the tone of your voice, and don’t forget to smile (not too much, though!)

Don’t make it last too long.

Your video message should be about 5 minutes or less.
Your clients and customers are busy, just like you, so don’t waste their precious time on something that might be irrelevant.

If you’re responding to leads, keep your video under two minutes.

The only exception is recording the walk-around videos. You can extend the length of your video to as long as you want, just make sure you show all the essential things your clients need to see.

2. Give a human touch to your introduction

Before you start your venture using video in real estate, you’ll need to gain the trust of your buyers or sellers.

To do this properly, consider recording a personalized introductory video.

Gather up a few notes where you’ll combine the essentials: your name, your position, your experience, and what do you love about the real-estate business the most.
Then, focus on the fundamental values of your company.

State your beliefs on real estate, what differs your company from the rest, and how do you predict your buying/selling journey.

When recording videos, don’t forget to add a pinch of personalization: greet the recipient with his/her name, and tailor your message to a more personal level.
Communication via email can sometimes be a bit dehumanized, so it’s necessary to eliminate that virtual barrier.

At the end of it, don’t be afraid to get emotional.
Express your hopes and feelings about the process that awaits you, and let them know you’ll be their person of trust throughout it.

Learn about three benefits of using personalization in your videos:

3. Create a neighborhood tour video

Your clients want to know everything about their potential neighborhood.

Make it easy for them – take them on a personalized tour around the block, show off the local amenities, and introduce them to a place they might start calling home.

Using video in real estate is your tool to grab your clients’ attention and to showcase your expertise.
Focus on the points of your customers’ interest: schools, parks, and recreational facilities, hospitals nearby, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, and groceries shops – whatever they want to know more about, make sure to be there to cover it.

If it’s possible, it might be a good idea to organize an interview with a real-life neighbor.
Ask a couple of people from the block to talk about why they like living in that particular district, what are the positive sides, are there any challenges and how they cope with it.

Don’t be afraid to point out the “negative” sides of the neighborhood if there are any.
Your customers need to know what they can expect right from the start.

Also, by mentioning stuff that might be challenging, you’ll come out as a person who truly cares about meeting their goals, instead of being another agent who’s just trying to score a sale.

4. Walk-through videos are a must in the real estate business.

This one might sound familiar, but with a valid reason.

Using walk-through videos in real estate will not only help you with selling but will also help you to impress your prospects and current clients.

When using video in real estate business, focus less on the deal, and more on the representation of the property.

Walk your viewers around the property, by showing them what’s “wrong” first.
Avoid focusing solely on the positives while using fancy words and phrases – it might come out as if you’re sugarcoating the property.

Express your thoughts and ideas on how these challenges can be solved, and then switch to all the positives.

That way, you’ll ensure all the right things don’t go unnoticed, and you’ll even highlight them better.

The buyers will appreciate your transparency and trust you throughout the process.

5. Using video testimonial in real estate goes a long way

Your buyers will most likely go through the purchase-anxiety phase, where they’ll doubt the price, the worthiness of the property, and is it even the right time for such a decision.

Testimonial videos are a great way to increase the credibility of your real estate business.

The key to getting started with collecting and using these videos in your real estate efforts is to ask.
You’ll be surprised by the fact that there are so many satisfied customers who’ll want to recommend you or your business to other people who are in the pursuit of a new property.

Before you start using testimonial videos in real estate, make sure to pick the right customer.
It would help if you found someone who is an authentic person; someone who took that journey with you.

A testimonial that is half-hearted will do more damage than not having any.

It would help to consider if they’re comfortable with getting on camera, are they efficient in communicating, and what are the benefits you’ve given to this customer.

You want your message communicated efficiently and effectively because that’s what’ll bring your testimonial video to a higher level.

Just as with other, previously mentioned types of videos, you need to apply the-shorter-the-better policy.
Nobody wants to watch an hour-long testimonial, no matter how interested they are in the beginning.

Here are more details about video testimonials and how to get them:

In conclusion:

Using video in real estate is a win-win situation.

When used correctly, video email can help you rise above your competition.

Use video to be authentic, specific, and precise, and eventually, you’ll manage to meet the needs of your buyers and satisfy your goals.
So, what to do at the end of the buying/selling journey?

Once you complete the deal, you’ll need to take as much care as if you’re at the very beginning.
Your satisfied customer can help you in achieving many other goals if you take care of them to the very end.

How to do that?
After every milestone, take some time to thank them.

Record a thank you video to express your gratitude and appreciation for putting their trust in you and your business.
Let them know how glad you are that you’re the one who helped them find a new place that will play such a significant role in their life.

Don’t forget them after the finalized purchase.
Make sure to check in once in a while to see how they like their new property.

Offer a helping hand if needed, or congratulate them for their purchase.

You’ll have an eternally grateful client who won’t have a single doubt when in a situation to spread the word.

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