5 Video Ideas for Small Businesses

Video communication is no longer just for the big boys.

Small businesses are jumping on the bandwagon because they’ve discovered that video marketing can help generate more leads. If your company is new to the video game, here are five video ideas for small businesses that can be used as a video marketing guide to help you get started. 

Introduce Yourself

Let potential customers know what you’re all about! Include a video on your homepage that describes your business, what you do, and what problem you can solve for your customers. Ideally, this video should be 90 seconds or less, and should focus on the most important points.

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How-To Videos

Provide customers with educational video content. Think about it: you’re an industry expert, so why not leverage that knowledge?

This is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate that your company is a leader in your space. Educate your audience by sharing your valuable expertise and be a valuable resource for your customers down the road.

There are endless educational topics that your audience will find useful. Use how-to videos to teach your customers how to use your product. Provide them with added value by offering them some life hacks while showcasing your knowledge. This type of content will keep them coming back for more.

Share your creation story

This type of video marketing is particularly relevant for small businesses. As you can probably guess, many customers are interested in learning about how the small business they buy from was founded.

Also, people love stories. Tell viewers how your small business got started. Who was the original founder? How did they get the idea for the company? Where did they plant their roots?

You can also use videos to convey your company’s persona. Is it casual or professional? Quirky or mainstream? Entertaining or serious? If your business was a human-being, what would it be like? What would it care about?

A relatable persona can help you build a loyal customer base. “Brands that have been the most successful in the social space have humanized their business… They’ve stayed true to who they are and been really open and honest.”

Show your Production Process

Everyone is curious to see what goes on behind-the-scenes. We’ve already mentioned that your audience wants to know about who you are as a business. Give them a sneak peek into what happens during the production or planning process of their favorite product or service. Video content marketing is another way to give them a real picture of who you are.

If you’re a software company, show a timelapse video of your development team working on your latest update.

Jewelry company? Demonstrate the creation process, from coming up with the design to shaping the metals or selecting each precious stone.

Business that creates videos? Reveal to your viewers how exactly you shoot your videos, what equipment you use, etc.

You get the point. 

Reach Far and Wide

Extend your reach outside the walls of your business. Leverage the power of video to interview partners or influencers in your industry. Ask them questions that reveal how they’re using video in their own business.

Any educational information they can provide for your audience is exactly the type of content you need. Share the videos on your website or social media platforms and watch your quality content expand its reach.

Other Video Ideas for Small Businesses

  • Video clips for your social media and PPC campaigns: Sales and marketing are so competitive today, that it’s almost impossible to launch a campaign without a promotional video clip. 
  • Event videos: Almost every company event is worthy of a video. Showcase your company culture with a quick video of Friday’s Happy Hour, or convey your team’s contagious positive energy with a clip from your last team-building event. Videos can help transform any average event into one that is both special and memorable.
  • Landing pages: Including videos on your landing pages can help increase conversion rates by turning landing page visitors into high quality leads.
  • Business meeting videos: Record a video of business meetings that can be helpful to show during sales or marketing pitches. They can also be helpful when training new employees in your process.
  • Training videos: Training videos are important to have in your digital library and can be used as helpful training tools for new client on-boarding or for refresher programs.

Ready to Get Started?

Take these video ideas for small businesses and develop your own video marketing strategies. Covideo is a business video maker app that makes it easy to record and share marketing videos. start recording your first video today! Sign up for our 14 day free trial to start recording your first video today. Still wondering how to make a video for your business? Contact one of our video experts for best practices and tips on how to get started.

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