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5 Videos Every Real Estate Agent Needs

All real estate agents know that it’s crucial to use video in their business. But it’s not only about video, but it’s also about how you use its power.

Did you know that even 73% of homeowners prefer to hire listing agents who use online video? If you are creative with your videos, get ready to see clients coming your way.

This article will guide you through 5 real estate videos that every agent needs in their business.

1. Introduction Videos

Your introduction video should be just that – an introduction to who you are and what you represent. It’s a short informal video in which you introduce yourself and your role towards your leads. This video is your “icebreaker” with which you want to stand out from other agents. Talk about how you help your clients on a daily basis and what you have to offer. Let your viewers see how you are different from everyone else in your service, use humor, and give them space to connect with you on a personal level. Ask yourself: How can I make my leads admire me enough to turn them into my clients? This video is great to send to cold leads or warmer leads that want to know more.

Your introduction video can be used everywhere, starting from your private social media profile to the company website. Remember, this video is a representation of you, as well as your company, so make it worth the watch.

Tips: Prepare your script before you start recording, but also don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t stick to the script. Remember, you want to look as natural as possible and keep your language friendly and informal. Also, make sure your audio is clear (reduce background noise) and stabilize your video footage.

2. Property Walk Around Videos

Probably the most popular way to use video as a real estate agent is to record property walkarounds. Let your clients experience the property as if they were there. Start recording from the entrance and walk your viewer through the house by highlighting the most positive features. Also, don’t forget to put more focus on the areas that your client has expressed their interest in.

Tips: When recording a property walk around, make sure the audio is clear and background sounds are eliminated to the fullest. You don’t want your client thinking how loud it can get if you are showing them a property in a “peaceful” neighborhood. Also, take the time to highlight all advantages of property and keep your camera’s focus longer on these benefits- for example, a newly renovated bathroom.

3. Testimonials

Written reviews are becoming less and less convincing.

Still, video testimonials can go a long way in gaining the trust of cold leads.

We all know that written words in reviews will never be as powerful as video reviews. This is why more and more companies are using video testimonials to prove the credibility and competence of their business. There is no better marketing than sharing a video of your happy clients. This leaves stronger impressions compared to marketing efforts where you promote your own self.

Tips: You want your testimonial videos to appear genuine, so give your clients the freedom to shoot the video the way they feel most comfortable in. Don’t underestimate the power of a good testimonial video, so don’t hesitate to share it on social media, your company’s web page or email.

4. Listing Videos

Listing videos are loaded with benefits. They are beneficial for everyone, you (as a real estate agent), the buyer and especially the seller. When sellers see your offer of listing videos, be prepared to have them come your way.  You can also record a video and offer a quick 30-second sneak peek of your upcoming listing which will help you sell it even faster.

Tips: Make sure to record your listing videos with better equipment, as these videos should look a little more professional than others. Instagram is becoming more and more business oriented and this is a great place to post your sneak peek videos of upcoming listings.

5. Neighborhood Tour Videos

The neighborhood tour video is almost as important as the property walkaround video.

When you record a video for a specific neighborhood, you can share this video over and over again each time a client is interested in that specific neighborhood. This video gives your client a feeling of the whole experience of living in a particular area and not just the life at that property. Make sure to record important details such as transportation and capture important facilities such as schools, grocery stores, parks etc. You can share this video everywhere online, just make sure to offer the viewer your contact information so that they know where the video is coming from.

Tips: Highlight the most attractive parts of the neighborhood that will capture your clients’ attention, such as schools and playgrounds (if your client is looking for a family-friendly neighborhood), medical centers and more.

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