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5 Brilliant Ways To Connect With Your Online Audience

Building an online audience is the most vital step in creating your brand’s online presence.
The right online audience will help you increase conversions, generate more high-quality leads, and also boost their engagement on your online channels.

What is the key to reaching the right audience?
We have more than one.

1. Identify your customers

Before producing all sorts of content, you need to figure out who are the people who fit your online audience.

Do a little research on your current customers.

Learn their demographics, explore their interests, and what they have in common.

Such data can be immediately helpful – you’ll instantly know what type of content, communication, and approach they prefer.

Or, if you have active social media channels, all of them offer detailed reports that will help you determine the “ingredients” of your current online audience.

Let’s say most of your clients work in sales. Start by investigating what the challenging areas of their businesses are and think of how can you provide them with a solution.

If your customers work in a distinct industry, learn all about the newest trends, and share them with them.

Moreover, learning about their other demographic data, such as age and gender, will help you find the right format of the content they want.

Some people prefer written content in the form of a blog, e-books, and white papers.

Others might like more interactive content – videos, webinars, and live Q&A’s.

2. Find out where your audience spends its time.

If you want to build your online audience properly, forcing them to come to you isn’t the most effective approach.

Consider going to the places where they spend their time online.

Joining specialized Facebook & LinkedIn groups is a great way to start.
Explore Twitter and hashtags relevant to your business.

Many conversations are happening, and you can quickly join and put in your two cents.

You’ll get to meet new professionals in your industry, learn more about their points of view, and finally, share your own.

By continually communicating and sharing ideas, you’ll soon amplify your influence and establish your brand as a thoughtful leader.

The reward will come in the form of more people becoming organically interested in what you have to offer.

3. Define the right type of content for your audience.

When you segment your audience by their industries, professions, and company size, you’ll better understand what kind of content you need to produce.

Different audiences require different types of content, so find out what works best.

Put in the effort to understand the hurdles of their industry.

Ensure you provide relevant and fresh data, be ahead of new trends, and walk a mile in their shoes.

You’ll have to do a bit of experimenting now and then, to refresh your style and test their response.

For example, if you’ve been working on your blog for a while, turn the best performing posts into videos and give them a new, polished look.

4. Try incorporating multimedia.

Most business communication happens via email, so avoid misinterpretations of your message.

Try recording a personalized video email when communicating daily – it will require a short amount of your time, and you’ll be able to say more.

New in the world of video email? Discover how to start.

Since humans are visual creatures, your recipient will also get the idea quicker, and it will linger longer, thanks to your voice and facial expressions.

Reinforce your written content with an appropriate video.
Most of the topics need an additional cover, so create a video interview of yourself or any other leading professionals, and share valuable insight.

Watch how including an HR specialist helped us cover the topic:

Support your web content with a quality brand video.
Introduce the members of your company and yourself and let your online audience meet you.

Learn more about the importance of company culture videos:

Try to do online training and webinars for those who need to learn more.

Offer Live Q&A sessions on your social media channels and connect with your followers while resolving their questions and doubts.

When using video, make sure to make it mobile-friendly. Most internet users surf the web using their smartphone, so keep track of your website by improving its design.

Read more: Horizontal vs. vertical video – which one to use.

5. Consistency is the key

When providing content, you need to maintain the highest possible standard.

Continuously interacting with your online target audience will help you raise the bar of their online experience, but also to keep it that way.

Offering top-notch content that is consistent and recognizable on various channels will strengthen your brand image.

Encourage your followers to share your content with everybody who needs to hear it. Introduce guests in your blog posts, e-books, or video testimonials.

Entice discussion and opinion sharing.

Turn your posts into events and always strive to make new connections.

Also, being consistent with your posts means you’re up-to-date with advice and helpful information, and your audience relies on that.

That leads to only one thing – established and steadfast loyalty.

In conclusion:

These five ways to connect with your online audience work only if:

  • you understand the channels you plan to use,
  • you plan to keep it original.

Spending countless hours on producing content vital for your audience, but it not getting consumed might be the worst thing that can happen.

Familiarize yourself with each culture of every social media channel you intend to utilize.

Don’t be redundant and don’t dump your content all over the internet. Everything has its place.

Finally, let’s say it’s the most authentic bird that gets the worm. Add value to what you say by keeping it unique and branded.

Let your proficiency and expertise come with your tag on it.

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