5 Ways to Use Video Email Across Your Business

Whether you’re binge watching your favorite season on Netflix, or captivated by Tasty food clips on Facebook, you’ve probably found yourself unexpectedly immersed in a video at some point. You’re not alone. Our population is obsessed with video, and we want even more. 

According to HubSpot Research, over 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands more than any other type of content. But next on that list, is email.

By integrating these two mediums, video and email, you create an effective strategy across all dimensions of your business, rather than just slapping a video on your website home page. Take a look at video email’s capability across these departments. 


This is our bread and butter. If you’re in sales, you know the power in numbers and repetition. You can’t solely rely on dialing or emailing prospects, you have to reach out across a number of channels. This is the best area to implement video email.

Video email won’t replace your current strategy, but will add another channel to reach your audience. Not only will video stand out in the inbox, but it adds personalization to the sales process, which makes for a lasting impression while shortening the sales cycle.

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Customer Success

The number one reason customers choose to step away from your brand? A poor customer service experience. If a customer is dissatisfied with your service, there’s a 90% chance they’ll leave without a trace.  

Video emails can help increase customer satisfaction. Try recording solutions to FAQ’s before your customer even has the chance to pick up the phone and call. Or, use Covideo’s screen record feature to demonstrate how to solve the problem if it’s a technical issue. 

Create videos that provide educational material about the product or service. For example, include a walk through of the onboarding process or demonstrate the basics of a software. In addition, send thank you emails to add a personal touch after someone completes a purchase, or send a sincere apology to an issue that needs addressed. 


Marketing experts say the average consumer is exposed anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day, whether you realize or not. Every marketer is eager to uncover tactics to increase click through rates, brand awareness and most of all, conversions. But when you’re walking in a world of advertisements, it’s quite a challenge for businesses to catch your attention. 

According to Hubspot, by simply adding the word “video” to email subject lines you’re likely to boost open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%. 

The ideas for marketing videos are endless. Create a video explaining your product, highlighting a new campaign, recapping events, showcasing customer testimonials or providing updates. Your creativity is the limit – and with Covideo’s analytics you’re able to track the data behind each video campaign you send out.

Human Resources

Sixty-nine percent of Americans feel the job search today is too impersonal, and 80% say applying for a job feels like sending their resume to a black box. 

You can use video to promote an open position in the company and effectively communicate the role’s expectations. Or after an applicant has applied, imagine if they received a personal video email from the job poster thanking them for applying and advising on next steps. 

Likewise, when contacting potential candidates, utilize Covideo’s reply back feature. After an applicant watches your video, they have the option to reply back with their own video. With this feature, applicants can respond to questions you ask or share more about themselves to save time during the hiring process and determine fit. 

It’s not unlikely that top applicants will have more than one offer on the table, but it’s likely that an applicant will choose a job based on the hiring experience. Sending videos builds trust, shows the candidate what type of person you are and relays your company values. Selecting a job is a personal experience, so make the recruiting process the same by using video.

Internal Emails

Internal emails, a massive part of everyday office communication. For maximum productivity and success amongst your team, employees need to stay informed and work towards similar goals. 

Announcement videos are a great way to share updates, or congratulate employees on a job well done. 

Here at Covideo, when a new member joins the team, we have them send out a video to introduce themselves. It’s a great way for people to get familiar with the new team member plus, it puts a face to a name. 

There You Have It

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