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5 Ways Video Can Book More Events

As an event professional, you know establishing trust and a strong rapport with a prospect can affect a sale and generate more business.

So why send common and ordinary emails?

A video email allows your clients to interact with you rather than reading a plain-text email. Are you still not convinced? Continue reading to find out how video email can book you more venues!

1.) Use Video Email to Showcase a Venue

Pictures are great, but they don’t make you standout next to your competitors. Video lets potential clients engage with your space more than any photo can.

* Side note, video email gives you the opportunity to show off your fun side!

Unlike a plain-text email, video can entertain and educate your clients. Act like you’re on MTV cribs while you’re doing a room walk-around. Or if your space has a stellar dance floor, then bust a move! Don’t worry if you look silly, your video will highlight the space and leave a positive impression on your client.

2.) Reach Out to Business Prospects to Win New Contracts

Your story is unique and the way that you tell it should be, too. A simple outline of why someone should work with you is predictable. But what if they received a personalized video? Not only would you look like a tech guru, you’ll see your open rates skyrocket.

3.) Video Email Progress Updates to Brides and Grooms

Planning a wedding is stressful, and it’s not uncommon for bridal parties to have ongoing questions about their venue. After an on-site visit you can stay in touch with your clients through video progress updates.

Sending video updates you can promote transparency between you and your clients. It’s also a great opportunity to send a sincere “Congratulations!”

4.) Send a Thank-You Video After a Client’s Business

Follow-up messages, like “Thank-You” emails, are great for expressing your gratitude for your client’s business. With video email you can convey your appreciation through your body language and facial expressions. Thank-You videos are also great ways to ask for feedback. Ask a client if there was anything that you could improve or what they enjoyed the most while working with you. This will leave one more positive impression and help you improve!

5.) Highlight What Makes Your Property Unique

Take some time to record how some of the property’s unique qualities meet your client’s needs. Unlike a small description and photos, 90% of your message is retained when watched in a video format compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

Start Booking More Events Now!

Video email is the perfect sales tool to help any event professional improve their response rates and shorten their sales cycle. Want more information? Check out or, better yet, try a 14 day FREE trial!

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