5 Ways Our Video Tool Can Help You in Business

Communication is constantly affecting every facet of human life. In our personal and professional lives we use our communication skills to develop relationships. Without a video tool, you’re most likely relying on calls and plain-text email to start a conversation. A video tool offers you the ability to apply your verbal and non-verbal communication. This is far more inviting and personal than a wall of text.

Building a professional relationship takes thoughtful communication, and the standard call and email isn’t going to take your relationships to the next level. 

According to lifesize, “Trust isn’t built over text messages or emails. It’s built through face to-face connections, making eye contact and interpreting body language. This is especially true when you’re meeting someone for the first time. Face-to-face communication allows the other person to see how your actions align with your words and enhances your credibility.”

Video is a powerful tool for business professionals in any industry. Through video maker softwares, sales professionals can introduce themselves to a prospect from anywhere in the world. Customer support specialists can troubleshoot with a simple screen recording, and follow up on time-sensitive with top-notch service.

Video provides better communication and will give you the ability to take your business relationships to the next level.

Video helps makes sure you and the recipients are on the same page

Effective communication will happen when the recipient interprets the message in a way that you, the sender, intended it.

If the recipient doesn’t send his reaction to the sender (with an email or phone call) the sender will not understand the recipient’s view. In this case, it becomes a guessing game—unless you have viewer analytics!

With a video tool software, like Covideo, the sender of a video email has the ability to know if the viewer opened or watched their messages. Also, with HotSpot details, senders will see what parts of the message were watched or played back. 

This makes communication successful because the sender no longer has to guess, they will have some insights on the recipients reactions with viewer analytics. This type of data can also help marketers gage the email campaigns engagement too. 

Another great way to send a video is through a video marketing app. After a marketer texts or emails a video to their customers, they can develop a new strategy based on the viewers engagement levels. Videos tools like the Covideo Mobile app can become free video tools when you sign up for a 14-day trial.

Our video tool lets you create more content for social media and marketing

In this digital era, individuals and businesses utilize video every single day. As you scroll through Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, almost all the content is in video.

Don’t take our word for it, a statistic states that “more than 28 billion devices and connections will be online by 2022, and video will make up 82% of all IP traffic online… This means more opportunities for advertisers and marketers to buy a variety of media that will be delivered on many more devices.”

There are a lot of different types of social media videos you can post to engage your audience, and there are a lot of video editing apps, marketing video makers, online marketing videos, video marketing platforms, and video content creation tools. All, specifically designed to help produce social media ready videos. 

It’s important to do your research and find the best free social media video maker and best video ad making software you can. Covideo can operate as a social media video ad maker to help create free social media videos where you can easily record and post to all your social media sites. This makes it easy to track the engagement you get from your videos.

A video tool allows you express yourself like you would in-person

Emailing a personalized message takes time for the average professional. Try using a video creation software— free download through Covideo’s free trial!

Record yourself from your laptop or smartphone through our video creation software. Instead of having to write out what you want to say, recording a video allows you to talk to your recipient like you were face-to-face.

You don’t need to worry about your tone being misunderstood like you would in an email or phone call. Video messages provide both non-verbal and verbal communication, so both parties and experience the best online interaction.

A video tool will speed up your business communication

The time most business professional spend on crafting a perfect email, could be used recording a handful of video emails.

Unlike marketing videos, a video tool like Covideo doesn’t need a script or a ton of staging. We recommend keeping your recordings around 30 seconds to a minute long.

This will keep your viewers engaged and speeds up the outreach process.

Video lets you talk face-to-face with your clients

Remote working and home offices have their benefits (mostly the easy access to food), but it does make it difficult to meet people in person.

So instead send a video message.

Videos humanize our digital communication because it puts us back to the basics. We can see the person’s mannerisms, hand gestures, and hear their tone of voice. All of these social cues help us communicate with one another and build relationships.

Click here and someone from Covideo will show you more about the impact a video tool has on your business. Or, sign up on your own today with a free trial – it’s totally free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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