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7 Benefits of Video Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most widely used strategies out there and better yet, there’s no doubt that video marketing ROI yields even better results. 

According to one recent study, a massive 89% of video marketers say that video email marketing gives them a very satisfying return on investment. In addition, they noted it improves lead generation, website traffic, and sales overall.

Thankfully, online video consumption statistics tell a similar story, revealing that people prefer to see video content from the brands they love. 

1. Create a positive customer experience.

Your emails have a more professional appearance when using video.  When the recipient receives and opens your video mail, they’re greeted with a thumbnail that captures their attention. This is because you embed a video in email, rather than sending it as an attachment or miscellaneous link. In addition, you can customize your video email templates so your message is displayed alongside your branding, creating an even more polished look. 

2. Expand your audience.

Video emails generate a lot of interest because their personalized, interactive videos, and people often forward them on to other colleagues.  The viral effect exposes larger audiences to your business, getting your message heard by even more people. Many often respond positively, raving about the innovation and asking how to create a video email or how to embed a video in a newsletter! 

3. Track your success.

After recording and sending your videos out, track their success to determine their effectiveness. Receive real time notifications when your video has been viewed, which allows you to time your follow ups when your message is top of mind. Likewise, you’re able to see who watched your video and how many times it was watched. 

4. Improves open rates.

When sending a video email, include the word “Video” in your subject line to increase open rates by 20%. Subject lines are your first chance to make an impression with your recipient, so they will ultimately decide if your email will be opened or not. Catchy email subject lines for sales and marketing emails are another great way to stand out, too.

5. Stay top of mind.

Personalized video messages achieve Top of Mind Awareness in your prospects.  By sending regular, consistent, branded messages you create a familiarity that, in turn, builds credibility and trust. This is the most valuable marketing benefit!

6. Generate referrals.

Once you accomplish #5 and your audience is a fan, referrals are bound to follow.  By all means, never underestimate the word of mouth referrals. Just think – how many times have you read the reviews before making a purchase? It’s natural for us to trust those who are previous or current customers, whether they have a positive or negative experience. 

7. Stay connected.

Indeed, video email marketing helps you establish and maintain solid relationships with your customers. With video communication, it feels like you’re communicating face-to-face rather than device-to-device.  Their loyalty, once secured, often lasts a lifetime. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this blog for some video email marketing examples

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