7 Money-Saving Reasons to Use Video Mail

We all know marketing is expensive.
TV, radio and print ads cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for limited, host-controlled exposure.
The greater the exposure, the higher the cost.
Brands blow annual budgets on campaigns that deliver little (or no) ROI to support the expenditure, leaving businesses without the capital to launch other marketing efforts.
Fortunately, there is an alternative to expensive, traditional marketing methods.
Video mail offers a big bang for a small buck and here are a few reasons why:
1)  Let’s Face it; it’s Cheap. Have you gone out to a movie, followed by dinner for two?  You probably paid the equivalent of a month of video email marketing services!
2)  Unlimited Usage. Create, upload and send as many video emails as you want, as often as you like throughout the month with no extra fees.
3)  No ‘per campaign’ costs. Unlike traditional advertising where each campaign gets billed separately, video email frees you to push out multiple campaigns all for one flat fee.
4) ‘Round the clock marketing. Videos can be viewed anytime, multiple times, and then forwarded for viral 24/7 viewing.  Direct mail, newspaper, magazine, radio and tv ads can’t do that for you!
5) You’re not lazy; you’re productive. Why waste time and energy on long phone conversations or typing (and re-typing) text emails.  Create and send videos at your desk and have more time for other projects.
6) Recycle, reuse. Create video emails that have a long shelf life and reuse them over and over.  The more you automate, the more efficient and cost-effective your business becomes.
7)  Plug up the money drain. Drastically reduce time, effort and money expended on converting the masses.  Videos can do much of the legwork, freeing you to concentrate on the most promising prospects.
All businesses, regardless of size or budget, can benefit from the cost-savings and success rate of video email marketing.
The added efficiency and automation is a bonus that comes directly from the diligent application of video email usage.  New features such as Social Links save even more time and develop viewer interaction by connecting them to social media sites, right from the video template.
Whether used exclusively or in conjunction with traditional marketing efforts, video email is a compelling, value-add to your overall marketing strategy.
Be on the look-out for more reasons to use video in email in upcoming articles or check out ‘8 Key Marketing Benefits of Video Email‘.
Jamie Bidwell is a team member at www.covideo.com.
Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate. jamie@covideo.com.

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