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7 Reasons To Use Video in Text Message Marketing

If your business has tried conventional marketing (print, TV, radio, direct mail) with less than stellar results, now may be the time for you to embrace SMS text messaging marketing as a new strategy. Before you rule it out, we’ve pulled some compelling statistics on texting and the benefits of SMS marketing and text video.

  • Studies show that 83% of all US adults use a cell phone and 73% of them regularly send and receive text messages. 
  • Over 2,098 billion text messages were sent in the United States in 2019.
  • 30% of consumers interact with brands via text message and of those consumers, nearly 50% would like to receive text ads.  
  • Text message users in the US send or receive an average of 35 messages daily.  
  • Among smartphone users, 22% say texting is the top function they cannot do without, followed by the Internet (17%) and Email (16%).

While these statistics alone are eye-opening, we want to really make the case by offering 7 real-world advantages of using text video message marketing to promote your brand and sell products.

What is a video text message?

No surprise here, but a video text message is sending a video from one mobile device to another through a text message. Video content is one of the main forms of communication, however, it hasn’t always been easy to text video. Typically, video files are too large to send over text. For this reason, many turn to a video message platform to help record and send videos with ease – especially if you’re doing any form of text marketing.

Text message marketing is the use of SMS or text message to deliver promotions, advertisements, announcements, and more to customers. Although text marketing has one of the highest engagement and click-through rates, marketers like to include SMS videos for even more effective results. Adding a video to a text and marketing campaign increases engagement and captures users’ attention. Let’s dive into how to use text message marketing and some of the advantages SMS marketing and texting video offers.

Advantages of video text message marketing

1. Your contacts almost always have their cell phones on (and with them), so you know your message is being delivered.

2. SMS is delivered quickly; no printing, scheduling or postal delays to contend with.

3. Over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received.  This is great news for anyone sending time-sensitive videos for things like 1-day sales events, contract negotiations, appointment reminders and more.  That means your texted videos will be viewed while the information is hot.

4. Only people who have requested information from you, or people already your customers will receive these messages, allowing you to send targeted information for better results.

5. Coupons and special offers made through SMS marketing average a 20% redemption rate compared to 2% for print, TV, radio or direct mail offers.  Additionally, 31% of smartphone users prefer offers received via text message over offers received via Mobile Web (21%), Apps (11%), and Voicemail (8%).

6. It’s cost-effective.  Compared to traditional forms of advertising, text messages are a bargain.  The less you spend converting a prospect or re-engaging a customer, means a higher ROI for you.

7. Video text messaging sets you apart from your competitors.  Businesses can move slowly when it comes to change.  Being among the first to adopt new technology gives you special recognition in the eyes of consumers eager to try the next big thing.

An essential component of text message marketing

The essential ingredient here is the inclusion of video in the text message.  Consumers are rapidly moving to video as their information source of choice, due in part to its visually pleasing and entertaining aspects.  But more than that, it allows them to connect on a personal level to the message they are receiving.  That sense of connection drives engagement and motivates action, and that’s a huge marketing advantage.

How can I text video?

With Covideo, you can send video messages via text.

To text video, you’ll need to download the mobile app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Now, let’s walk through a step by step process of how to text video with Covideo. Or, if you prefer, you can watch the video below to learn how to text video.

1. Log into your Mobile App.

Once logged into the Covideo mobile app, you can either record a new video or press the “X” at the top right to access your library. 

2. Locate the video you want to text.

Find your video by scrolling or using the search bar at the top of your video library. Once you find the video you want to text out, select the “Share” icon.

3. Check your video landing page and calls-to-actions

Select your template and exit links, and then click “Share” at the top right.

4. Select your texting application

Enter in the contact or phone number in the “To:” field 

5. Click send!

Congratulations! You have just sent out a video by text!

Start SMS marketing with Covideo

As you can see the reasons for using video text message marketing are pretty strong. So, if you’re wondering how to text video, you should first consider using a platform like Covideo. Covideo is an email and text messaging service for businesses, in which you are able to easily record or upload videos and send them out at ease.

With Covideo’s mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, you can create the best text message marketing strategy that involves video. With SMS marketing, you can almost guarantee that your prospects and users will see your message, and better yet, watch your video.

Not a Covideo user yet?  Stay a step ahead of your competitors!  Start a free trial today and make video email and video text messaging the secret ingredients of your marketing success!

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