7 Ways to Use Video Email in Sales

Often when people hear “video,” they think of it as a great tool for marketing and advertising. And it is! In these worlds, the power and popularity of video is nothing new. 

But more recently, salespeople have gotten hip to the effectiveness of a video email and started harnessing it to help them make connections, shorten their sales cycle, and close more deals. 

Here are seven ways you can use a video email message to elevate your sales game:


One of the biggest hurdles in sales is getting a response. Unanswered emails and calls are frustrating, delay the sales cycle, and force salespeople to follow up again…and again… oh! and again. 

In a sea of plain-text emails, introducing yourself with a video email allows you to put a face with a name building trust, credibility, and rapport from the start. It’s the best way to get your foot in the door, get noticed, and – most importantly – get responses. 

The best way to email videos is of course with Covideo, contact a video expert today to learn more.

On-demand demos

Getting a lead to commit to a live demo or meeting can present a host of challenges: perhaps they’re hesitant to dedicate the time, maybe it’s tough to coordinate with their busy schedule, or perhaps you’re selling a physical product that they need to see in-person. 

Pique your leads’ interest by using Covideo’s screen recorder to give a shortened on-demand demo that highlights your products’ most compelling selling points or use our mobile app to do a product walk-around.  

Don’t stress if you don’t know how to embed a video in Gmail, or even if you don’t know how to embed a video in an email at all. Covideo allows you to send videos via email and someone from our team can show you how to email a video from your iPhone or Android.

Memorable follow-ups

Meeting recaps and follow-ups can be long, tedious, and a bit overwhelming for leads to read through. 

By using video, you’re able to deliver a clearer, more compelling message that’s easier to follow, and helps you maintain momentum by better conveying your enthusiasm and expertise.  

BONUS! When shared with other decision-makers, you get to maintain control of the message without worrying about how your champion will convey complicated, nuanced points.

Eliminate confusion

Speaking of complicated, nuanced points… screen recordings allows you to address complex questions with visual support. Forget the amateur-looking screenshots that normally accompany lengthy emails and end up causing more confusion. 

Using video for the back-and-forth means fewer meetings and great understanding – a win-win for all. 

Avoid missteps

Writing an email with care eats up valuable time and energy. But failing to do so can lead to misunderstandings or even stop a deal dead in its tracks. Use tone, inflection, and body language in video email to clear up confusion and ensure your hard-earned relationships aren’t derailed by miscommunication.

Pass the baton 

When it’s time to hand off a client from sales to another department, send a video email to pass the proverbial baton and introduce your customer to their new best point of contact. A smooth transition and well-tended customer helps to stave off churn and leaves the door open for expansions and upsells.

Say “thanks” 

Thank you videos have some of the highest view rates. Everyone likes to be appreciated! Use video email platforms, like Covideo, to send a thank you video after a deal has closed. Likewise, this is also the perfect time to show your appreciation for their business, and a great opportunity to ask for reviews and referrals, helping you to generate more warm leads from satisfied customers. 

Ready to send video emails to prospects today?

Video email is your secret weapon throughout all stages of the sales cycle. If you’re looking for a faster, smarter way to connect with prospects and create more sales opportunities, it’s time to get started with Covideo. 

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