A Community Comes Together (virtually, of course)

Public health is at the forefront of our daily lives, and with that brings significant changes to our social interactions. But, “social distancing” doesn’t have to be synonymous with social disengagement

It’s no surprise that Greater Good Magazine calls social connection a “core psychological need, essential to feeling satisfied with your life.” This has become all-too-apparent in our isolation. As a result, we’re seeing families, friends, companies, and communities of all sizes get creative in the name of connection. Book clubs, trivia, meetings, happy hours, workouts – they’ve all gone virtual. 

The pandemic has also given rise to waves of creative support and helping others in an effort to maintain our communities and contribute in positive ways. In Indianapolis, for instance, local businesses have banned together to provide financial aid for service industry businesses and employees.

Image from the https://www.broadrippleindy.org/

The Rona Relief Fund

Broad Ripple – a quirky Indianapolis borough that is home to hundreds of small-businesses, boutiques, restaurants, and bars – is struggling due to statewide shelter-in-place mandates. The impact of social distancing has caused many of these businesses to temporarily close their doors and, some, indefinitely. This has left members of the community jobless and struggling to pay their bills. 

To combat the lack of money-flow in the community, the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) has created a fundraising initiative called The Rona Relief Fund. BRVA, along with its corporate members, brainstormed a way to purposefully invest dollars into both gift card purchases and a series of $100 relief gifts to service employees in need.

Image from the https://www.broadrippleindy.org/

“What we’ve seen is that businesses are being really creative and innovative,” said Colleen Fanning, Director of the BRVA. “They’re adapting and surviving and now it’s just about connecting people with ways they can support those businesses and those employees.” 

Through the generosity of Broad Ripple businesses, like Covideo, Innovatemap, Boardable, and individual donations, The Rona Relief Fund has raised nearly $10,000 to help those that are experiencing financial hardships. Every dollar that is donated goes towards supporting both the businesses and the employees. 

Stay Connected Through Tech

Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with co-workers, family members, friends, and classmates. For those looking for more ways to add value to your communication, explore video as an alternative to plain-text. Use personalized video messages to ask local shops or restaurants how you can best support them, or become more active on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to stay updated. 

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