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A Guide To Creating A Successful Presence on LinkedIn

People are taking to social media as another avenue to reach prospects and drive engagement. You might be thinking it’s your marketing team’s job to manage all the social accounts, but not too fast, we’re looking at you too! Whether you consider yourself a social media expert or not, one thing’s for sure – you know your industry best. We’re here to help you showcase your knowledge by increasing your Linkedin presence and making the most out of the platform. 

Here’s the goal: Establish an “expert persona” for you and your business. This will drive engagement, and ultimately, generate more qualified leads. 

Start by increasing your activity on LinkedIn.

There’s multiple actions you can take to build your LinkedIn presence. It can be as simple as liking a post on your feed, or something more extensive like posting videos and insights of your own. Check out our hierarchy of actions, ordered from least to most effective.

  • Liking posts
  • Tagging others in the comments of a post
  • Commenting on posts 
  • Sharing a post
  • Creating your own posts with text and images
  • Sharing a marketing videos that your team has on hand

And coming in first for the MOST effective piece of LinkedIn content…Posting a personal selfie video. These videos are not glamorous or perfected in any way, yet, our team has seen so much success with these types of videos. All you need to do is record a short video sharing the insight you have in your position or industry. Our team has shared sales tips, obstacles in sales, or daily lessons on intent and mindset. These videos take such a short amount of time to create, but sharing that raw and real wisdom is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on your LinkedIn world. 

Post content that educates, entertains and inspires.

When considering what to post, aim to have your content fit into one of these buckets. 

Educate: Share content that teaches something they might not know. What’s common sense to you, might be something brand new to others.

Entertain: Everyone appreciates a good smile or laugh. Post photos, podcasts, videos, you name it, that capture your audience’s attention – and keep it. 

Inspire: Spread content that motivates others to improve personally and professionally. Encouraging others will leave a positive impression. 

Pro tip: Try to steer clear of posting anything too “salesy”, this is a major turn off. 

Key Components To Success

Intent: First and foremost, always remember your intent. Are you trying to draw in more qualified leads? Create new connections? Educate yourself and others? Keep your purpose in mind and let it act as guidance for each and every step. 

Unique perspective & voice: Not all content has to be completely new or ground-breaking, but it should have a unique spin or perspective. You commenting on a post, or talking about your opinion or experience is just as valuable as creating something from scratch. 

Consistency: You’ve heard it before, and you’re gonna hear it again: consistency is key. Make a goal to start posting on a regular basis, whether that be once a week, month, or quarter. What you put into it, is what you’ll get out of it. 

And a couple more pro tips to get you on your way…

  • Videos get the most engagement – personal ones even more so than  professionally produced ones. 
  • Be sure to engage with people who like or comment on your post (comment back and ALWAYS connect with them if you’re not already connected). 
  • Timely-focused content is your friend, especially when you’re struggling for inspiration. Take advantage of holidays, newsworthy events, season, trends, etc.
  • Your posts don’t have to be long.
  • Do use thoughtful tags and hashtags (based on content) so that the right people can find you.

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